Brunch @ RONIN

August 14, 2014 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

RONIN has been on my list of to-check-out cafes for a while now. But I kinda forgot about them until I recently pinned all the possible cafes that I know of onto my Google map. And it’s with my newly created map that I realised RONIN is located just beside Clarke Quay MRT. A road away, to be exact. How convenient!

And it being just one MRT stop away from my yoga sanctuary, I decided to drop by just before my yoga class!

In fact, I have visited RONIN 3 times since my first visit. My returned trips were mainly to check out the other items from their menu. I mean, how does it constitute as a fair review if one review just 1 dish. No? But I digress. =)

“Are you here for coffee or for food as well?”

I realized they never fail to ask that opening question. Reply them with “food” and they will start to share what’s offered although they since have gotten themselves a physical menu in the form of a big board placed on top of a cupboard (Oh yes, older reviews by other food bloggers had it that RONIN do not have a menu previously).

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Scone, $4.50 (above) – This was ordered upon the staff’s recommendation as the brownie was either sold out or not baked for the day during my earlier visits. And I must say I really like the scone with its little surprises (within) of fig pieces! So good.

2) Dirty RONIN, $13 (above) – Chorizo, gruyere, soft egg, miso mayo, lettuce. There are 5 choices for their sandwiches. But I chose to go with this, upon the staff’s recommendation. Panini toasted to crispy perfection while maintaining its fluffiness within. I like how the eggs were done. Hard boiled with ramen-egg-like yolk. And the serving was huge! I ended up eating 2, and packing the other 2.

3) Scrambled eggs on toast, $9 (+ $3.50, bacon) (above) – Other choices of add-on include sausage (pork or lamb) at $4.50, portobello mushroom at $3.50 and avocado at $3. And I must say, the scrambled eggs was the highlight! It’s creamy and silky. And its exterior texture is… Smooth? I am curious how they did it. Yes, amateur cook here! =p The egg went very well with the toasts which were served slathered with lots of butter.

4) Brioche french toast, $14.50 (above) – With braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter & syrup. I like how the french toast was done the traditional way. Fluffy brioche soaked in beaten eggs and then fried. Served drenched in maple syrup. But being a person who do not like mixing my savoury with sweets, I felt the bacon was redundant.

5) Brownie, $4 (above) – This was goodness on a plate. It’s really moist and fudge-y within with lots of caramel sauce. Sea salt sprinkled on top of the brownie left a nice after taste in the mouth.

6) Latte, $4.20 (above)

7) The wicked, $5.50 (above) – A minted mocha. This drink was refreshingly nice, with the mint (being) not too overpowering. Imagine the throat being greeted with a slight mint breeze (if that even makes sense) after every mouthful.

So yes, although I have been to RONIN thrice now, I wouldn’t rule out ‘not returning’ since I like the vibe of the place. RONIN makes a nice place to chill a little, get a quick bite and a good cup of coffee! In fact, I’m impressed with their service too! During my 3 visits, we were always greeted by happy staff. It could have helped that I came on quieter afternoons where they were able to attend to me/us once I/we entered. And while they were attentive, they left enough room for us to enjoy our own time and space too.

17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Fri : 08:00 – 18:00
Ambience: 6
Sat – Sun : 08:00 – 19:30
Value: 6
Service: 7