Dinner @ Ladyboy Steamboat & Mookata Cheese

September 30, 2017 in Thai by thywhaleliciousfay

There’s always those moments when my colleagues and I work late but are too hungry to just head home. And I would always be craving for Korean BBQ. However, with our office located in Paya Lebar, we don’t have any Korean restaurants nearby that’s opened after 11pm. So one night, while working overtime again, my colleagues and I decided to do Thai BBQ instead of Korean BBQ. Thus, our visit to Ladyboy Mookata. And what made me really excited about checking out Ladyboy Mookata was for their cheeses.

Reservation was made for 4 via Chope just 1 hour prior to our 9pm visit. Yah, we didn’t work as late as we usually would when we do work late.

Between a-la carte and buffet ($29.90) options, my colleagues and I decided to go withe latter because we were really hungry and figured we could eat our money worth. Typical buffet-ers mentality. Keke. And from the menu (pages 1, 2), we ordered:-

1) Side grill with options of:-

(A) Ladyboy egg (above, right)

(B) Ladyboy cheese, mozzarella cheese (above)

(C) Golden salted egg cheese (above, left)

(D) Truffle cheese (above, right) – This was a flavour that’s not on the menu. But the manager (or maybe the owner) must have seen how much we were enjoying the cheeses that he offered us the truffle cheese when we went for seconds. So, so good.

2) Buffet items (meat) (above) with options of:-

(A) N1: Pork belly (above)

(B) N2: Pork collar (above)

(C) N4: Bacon (above)

(D) N5: Pork belly shabu (above)

(E) N6: Pork collar shabu (above) –

(F) N8: Bacon wrapped enoki (above)


(G) N13: Cray fish (above) – When we first took the crayfish from the counter to our table, the staff demonstrated how to deshell the crayfish. After which, 1 of my colleagues tried and got addicted to deshelling these and went on to deshell at least 20 for us.

(H) N14: Squid (above)

(I) N16: White prawn (above, left)

(J) N17: Scallop (above, right)

(K) N22: Hot dog (above)

(L) N23: Luncheon meat (above)

(M) N31: Sea urchin ball (above)

(N) N34: Abalone slices (above) – We ordered this because it’s abalone. But honestly, we doubt these were meant for grilling. Think these are more appropriate for steamboat ($5 top-up) instead.

3) Buffet items (vegetables) with options of:-

(A) V7: Sweet corn (above) – We didn’t really know what to do with this. We ended up not touching it. Hmm.

(B) V10: Beancurd king (above)

(C) V11: Quail egg (above)

(D) V12: Golden mushroom (above)

(E) V15: King oyster mushroom (above)

4) Desserts (above) – And ice creams are freeflow for buffet diners. Flavours included Thai milk tea, brownies & cream, milo crunch, vanilla and mango.

Will I recommend Ladyboy Steamboat & Mookata Cheese? A definite yes from me. Buffet price for adult on weekday was $29.90 net, which we felt was very reasonable. And I really liked the cheeses. I enjoyed wrapping my cooked ingredients with the melted cheese. And do scrap the cheese (off the grill) and eat it when it’s slightly burnt at the bottom. So tasty.

But of course, finding a parking lot in Geylang can be slightly tricky. And as with most BBQ places, one would leave the eatery reeking of smoke. But it was a very nice initiative by the restaurant that they provided big bag for us to keep our bags in and ziplock bags for our mobile phones.

644 Geylang Road, Singapore
9062 6953, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Fri : 18:00 – 02:00
Ambience: 6
Sat : 17:00 – 02:00
Value: 8
Sun : 17:00 – 01:00
Service: 7