Brunch @ OTG Coffee

August 29, 2014 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

I will admit, I pay a little more attention to cafes that’s nearer to home. Easier for me to make my way over lah. =p

And OTG Coffee is a small unit located at the end of Blk 211. But despite being a corner unit, they have gotten themselves a good spot as they can be easily identified as one crosses the overhead bridge. Oh yes, they are accessible only by bus or cab. Not within walking distance from any MRT stations. OTG Coffee is also a road away from a coffee shop and POSB ATM machine. So yes, if your company is sick of café food, drag them to OTG Coffee before heading to the coffee shop next door. Ha.

OTG Coffee offers limited dishes like spicy cheese toast and pasta (not on the menu) for savoury. Scone, croissant, waffle and cakes for pastries. But a good range of ice cream flavours. Menu came in the form of a white board (behind the counter) and photographs pasted randomly around the counter.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Chicken penne, $9.20 (above) – Served with an egg and shredded cheese, this dish was a special for the day. We gladly went along with pasta cause we wanted something heavy for lunch. And it’s a heart-warming dish. This is actually a simple dish to execute, but together with the friendliness of the lady who took our order, I could taste the sincerity served together with the dish. I kid not.

2) Waffle groupie, $9.50 (+ $0.80, premium flavour) (above) – The waffle groupie was basically waffle with two scoops of ice cream. We went with ‘Mr Tim Tan’ and ‘milk tea’ for our choices of ice cream. As ‘Mr Tim Tam’ was a premium flavour, we topped up $0.80. And I must say they were very generous with their ice cream. The scoops were so huge! And I recommend trying ‘Mr Tim Tam’! It was really good. Waffle wise, it was done to a nice brown. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with its texture. I prefer waffle to have a crispy exterior, although its interior was porous and chewy.

3) Scone, $4.50 (above) – This was bad. It looked hard on the outside, but when my fork sliced through, the entire scone crumbled. I tried picking it up with my hand, and was pretty shocked to realise how soft the entire scone was. Very egg-coloured, flat (good scone rises n height) and left a slight after taste.

4) Banana cake, $5 (above) – What I first noticed was how the cake batter was not homogeneous. Hmm… But that aside, banana cake was moist and not too sweet. I preferred it without the top frosting.

5) Latte, $4.50 (above)

So yes, OTG Coffee is probably a family business. I am guessing the very friendly lady who took my orders was the Mom, with her teenager children helping out with the cleaning and in-house baking. What really stood out for me was their service. Especially the Mom’s. Very sincere. Very genuine. Always smiling and soft spoken. I felt really at ease while brunching at OTG Coffee. So yes, I really wanted to write a glowing review for them, but unfortunately, there’s still much work to be done on their food.

I had come wanting to try their pancakes too, but was told that they have temporarily stopped their pancakes because the waffles were higher in demand. Hmm…

I say, do drop by if you are staying in Serangoon for their ice creams! They are also a florist under the name of ‘OTG Flowers’. Check out their Facebook for postings of their floral arrangements!

Blk 211, Serangoon Ave 4, #01-02, Singapore
6487 4177, Facebook
Overall: 6
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 5
Tues – Sun : 12:00 – 22:00
Ambience: 6
Value: 6
* Closed on Mon
Service: 7