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September 7, 2014 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

I got to learn of GastroSmiths after a friend posted a picture of their mains on his Instagram. And with a few clicks, I was drawn to their desserts. The plating was so beautiful! I knew I had to check them out. Ha.

After 2 failed attempts at trying to head down for brunch due to our clashed schedules, my siblings and I finally managed to head down on a Saturday. But for dinner instead. And GastroSmiths is easily accessible despite being located at the quieter end of Beach Road. It was a 10 minutes walk from Esplanade MRT station for me while my brother, who came from Bugis MRT station, took 5 to 8 minutes to reach.

As GastroSmiths takes up 2 units, do be sure to go to the correct unit for meals. If one is walking along Beach Road, the first unit of GastroSmiths is more for drinks with its high seats. Make a left turn to get to the main space that’s facing Tan Quee Lan Street.

We happened to come on the evening when GastroSmiths updated their menu. But thankfully their options for desserts remained as many. Keke.

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3), we ordered:-

1) Crispy chicken bites, $10 (above) – Sake marinate, house-blend sauce. This was a good dish to kick start our dinner. Tender, moist chicken meat wrapped in a crispy batter. Although I had a piece which had lots of fats.

2) Sea-ly eggs, $9.50 (above) – Scottish smoked salmon, marinated nori, chilli oil. Served with two 63 degree eggs and toast, this was good. I liked how the entire ensemble came together, especially with the addition of chilli oil.

3) Chorizo sandwich, $13 (above) – Balsamic mayo, gruyere, arugula with bread freshly baked daily.

4) Seafood & rice, $26 (above) – Seasonal seafood, Japanese rice, paprika. We were expecting it to be a dry dish, so we were a little surprised to be served rice in risotto style. As the dish seemed too wet for risotto, we decided to ask the staff out of curiosity. And the head chef explained that it’s intended to be a broken rice stew. Indeed. This dish actually reminded me of how we would add rice to the remaining Korean stew. But my siblings were not impressed.

5) Skate & cauliflower textures, $24 (above) – Brown butter, burnt cauliflower mash, pickled cauliflower. It’s an uncommon choice for stingray to be used, but it was fresh and nicely cooked. And what really stood out for me was the cauliflower that was done in a few ways. Thus explaining cauliflower textures. It was indeed an explosion of textures.

6) Warm banana, $10.50 (above) – Chocolate crumble, chocolate ice cream.

7) Strawberry “shortcake”, Complimentary (above) – We were given a teaser of this dessert which comprised of Japanese cheesecake, vanilla chantilly, sicilian pistachio ice cream as they said preparation for our lava cake was taking longer than usual. And I must say, this was good. I liked how soft the cheesecake was!

8) Valrhona lava cake, $14.50 (above) – Manjari 64%, banana mascarpone cream, french vanilla ice cream. My brothers unfortunately did not like this as they felt the cake was overdone since it should be be moist. However, having tried GastroSmiths’s other dishes, it can be concluded that they are pretty experimental / creative with their dishes. I thought it was interesting how they tried to achieve a crispy exterior, although it was indeed a little overdone. Chocolate was too viscous and did not flow out when we sliced through.

9) Latte, $4.50 (above)

For a cafe, the food at GastroSmiths was not too bad. Although desserts was definitely their forte. Service was great too! Staff were very warm and attentive. As they have yet to recruit a service manager, one of the head chefs was on the floor attending to the patrons. And that actually allowed us to learn more of the dishes since we could approach him easily. And he’s a friendly guy too! Through him, we got to know about the other head chefs who were trained in Japanese and French cuisines. Which explained the use of sake in ‘crispy chicken bites’, Japanese rice for ‘seafood & rice’ and even smoked herring caviar for one of their bruschettas.

At GastroSmiths, they strive to deliver global inspired comfort food.

Their eye for the details can be seen when our mains were served on warm plates! Some restaurants don’t even do that.

Ambience wise, the place could do with addition of some warm elements to the current interior of concrete walls and exposed ceiling that’s painted black. However, as they only had their soft launch in early August 14, I would imagine they be making a few more tweaks here and there.

For now, GastroSmiths certainly looks very promising. Do drop by, I say! Remember to make reservation too.

103 Beach Road, #01-02/03, Singapore
6336 3680 / 9772 9511, Website, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Tues – Sat : 11:30 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 6
Tues – Sat : 18:00 – 21:30 (Dinner)
Value: 6
Sun : 11:00 – 15:00
Service: 8
* Closed on Mon

UPDATE: Restaurant has moved to 112 East Coast Road, i12 Katong, #03-06.