Dinner @ Tatsu

November 18, 2014 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

My ex-colleague and I felt a dinner should be arranged to catch up (and keep in contact) with the 大老板s (big bosses) who worked with us in the previous project. And so, the big headache started. We had to find a place that’s befitting of their status yet won’t leave us needing to eat grass till our next pay check. Haha.

After giving a few suggestions, my ex-colleague agreed to Tatsu! Having read that the outlet at Asia Square is bigger than CHIJMES with a wider range offered on the menu, we decided to meet at Asia Square. However, what we failed to realise was that Asia Square Tower 2 was really out of the way. None of us were even working close to the CBD area.

For the 大老板s and my ex-colleague who drove, parking was not a problem. I, on the other hand, took the train to Downtown MRT station. And it’s a short 5 to 8 minutes walk from the MRT station to Asia Square Tower 2. Upon taking the escalator to level 2, do make a sharp left turn to reach Tatsu shortly. We took a wrong turn and ended up lost. Thankfully there was a friendly cleaner who helped us!

And because we reached after a big detour (within level 2), we entered Tatsu through the wrong door. The door that leads directly into the teppanyaki area is not the main entrance. And it was because we wrongly entered the teppanyaki area that we decided to change our original plan of taking the teppanyaki counter seats. Ventilation was pretty bad and the confined area really smelled of smoke. We rather give up the thrill of watching the chef’s exciting performance than to rack of smoke.

And because we came in a group of 4, sitting at the sushi counter was not practicable since the seats were all in a row. No L-corner for us to at least sit 2-2. And with that, we took table seats. Although we took table seats, we ordered most of our items omakase style. Ie, stating what we felt like having and letting the staff make recommendations. Partially because there were so many items on the menu that we did not know where to start too.

And with that, we started our dinner:-

1) Salmon roe, $12 (above) – Sujiko. The staff said there was fresh salmon roe and we took up her recommendation. Served with grated lemon skin, this was fresh and good.

2) Monkfish liver, $12 (above) – Ankimo. Another recommendation by the staff, this was not too bad although it’s not exactly a very difficult dish to pull off. I liked the contrasting textures of the chopped radish and thinly sliced scallion against the smooth liver.

3) Omakase sashimi (for 1 person), $40 (above) – From the a-la carte menu.

4) Mackerel pike sashimi, $32 (above) – Sanma sashimi. Ordered upon the staff’s recommendation, this was fresh but not exactly my favourite. Ironically, I preferred the bones which they took to deep fry. Ha.

5) Crispy salmon skin handroll, $8 (per hand roll) (above) – Strongly recommended by the staff, we decided to give this a try. We were told to start on this quickly while the toasted seaweed was hot and crispy. And it was indeed something very different. A nice change. Got a little messy if one has a small mouth (like me? haha) cause everything was so crispy and gets everywhere when bit through!

6) Assorted mushroom, $16 (above) – A very simple dish which we requested in an attempt to have some vegetables in our meal. Ha.

7) Grilled yellowtail cheek, $35 (above) – Kama shio. Most of the fish head / fish cheeks on the a-la carte menu were either simmered or steamed. As we wanted something grilled, we were the yellowtail cheek which was good. Meat was plentiful and juicy. Nice.

8) Teppanyaki lobster, seasonal price (above) – Ordered a-la carte from the teppanyaki menu, we were charged $80 for this. A good portion for 4 to share. The remaining parts were cooked in a soup for us to drink.

9) Green tea ice cream, $5 (above, right)

10) Black sesame ice cream, $6 (above, left)

Located in the CBD area, Tatsu’s Asia Square outlet is catered for the working group where one can have their business meals. Which explained the use of dark colours in the dimly lit restaurant which gave a very solemn feel. I will definitely recommend Tatsu for the fresh ingredients, personalised service (we felt very loved) and good ambience. My ex-colleague and I were able to raise our heads up high for being able to buy the 大老板s a good meal at a decent place. Keke.

Of course, if I were to head back to Tatsu, I would probably try their CHIJMES outlet which is more accessible for the non-CBD people.

12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, #02-16, Singapore
6844 9855, Website
Overall: 7.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon – Sat : 11:30 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 22:00 (Dinner)
Value: 7
* Closed on Sun
Service: 8