Dinner @ Nanbantei

January 16, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Was to bring my friend for dinner but I din have time to do much research. So we ended up wasting quite a bit of time trying to find the suitable place. Especially so cause I wasn going to settle for any restaurant. (^^lll) And just when we were giving up and about to settle for one of those restaurants which we have tried before, I suddenly remembered reading about a Japanese restaurant tucked in Far East Plaza. Haha. I guess meeting me for dinner could be quite a pain since my policy is to always try new places to eat at. =p

We had to wait for almost an hour before hungry us could go in and order our food because the place was packed. But it was worth the wait! =p We ordered lots, just like how I liked it to be. Haha! We ordered the A-course (12 yakitori sticks and rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert), B-Course (Assorted sashimi, 8 yakitori sticks, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert), foie gras, hotate fry (fried scallops), wakame kyuri su (vinegared seaweed and cucumber) their seasonal special magaro chin, matcha ice cream and sake!!! It was as though I was using the excuse “It’s my friend’s birthday meal” to go crazy ordering. Hee.

And dinner was simply enjoyable. The whole experience of us taking the counter seats, watching the chef who were grilling the sticks right front of us, sipping our sake, eating our food and laughing over stuff which I can no longer remember.

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-132, Singapore
(65) 67335666

The scallop inside the thin bread crumb was huge! I was pleasantly surprised! But the foie gras was a let down.
Take the counter seats for a more authentic experience!

Must Try: The Yakitori Sticks, Wakame Kyuri Su, Matcha Ice Cream, Sake