Dinner @ Dong Fang Hong

December 31, 2014 in Chinese, Korean by thywhaleliciousfay

It’s no big secret I am a huge fan of K-variety shows. One of which is Happy Together Season 3. And in the latest episode uploaded on KEngSub.com, episode 375 was a ‘Eat and Eat Special’ where my craving for jajangmyeon kicked in as I watched comedian Kim Junhyun eat swallow inhale his black bean noodles. It looked so good.

And with my ongoing research for my upcoming Korea trip in autumn (super excited for this too), it added on to my craving for Korean food. It’s not easy planning and trying to control my craving when pictures of yummy food kept coming up. Ha! Thus, I decided a trip to Dong Fang Hong was needed. Another place which I had long heard of for their zha jiang mian.

My friend and I came on a weekday evening. I called an hour before our dinner to make a reservation (just in case) but was told by the lady on the other end that we could just walk in after I mentioned I was making a reservation for 2. I guess reservation is needed for larger groups.

True enough, except for 2 tables which were occupied, we entered to an empty restaurant. And for clarification, Dong Fang Hong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant. Not a (full fledged) Korean restaurant. So one shouldn’t expect BBQ dishes here.

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), we ordered:-

1) Sweet and sour pork, $28 (small) (above) – Unlike the sweet and sour pork that’s sold at our coffee shop which is meatier and cooked with the sauce, the meat within for these were thinner / flatter. The batter were evenly coated and fried such that the pieces were chewy with a slight crunch. Pretty addictive. And one can determine how much sauce to have since the sweet and sour gravy was not cooked with the meat. A must try.

2) Noodles w/seafood & vegetables spicy soup, $13 (above) – And this was ordered because I wanted to eat my jajangmyeon with the spicy soup. Just like how Kim Junhyun ate his in Happy Together S3′s episode. However, that wouldn’t be necessary cause the black bean noodles don’t stick (more onto that in item 3). And this order turned out well and we were glad we ordered this. The soup was slightly spicy (for a non-spicy eater like me) yet addictive. But it was the noodles that stole the show. The noodles were really good.

3) Noodles & pork with black bean sauce, $12 (above) – I understood the raves over this dish. It was really good. I believe the success behind this dish lied in the noodles, which were also used for the spicy soup noodles (item 2). Good jajangmyeon doesn’t stick even when it’s left alone, which was the case for the ones served at Dong Fang Hong. Definitely a must order. However, there wasn’t much meat although the dish name mentioned pork.

Having serious craving for jajangmyeon? I will definitely recommend Dong Fang Hong. A bowl’s portion is good for one. Thus, if one is also interested in trying the other dishes, do come in bigger groups as the portion for the a-la carte items are big. My friend and I couldn’t finish the huge plate of sweet and sour pork with our respective bowls of noodles.

The staff provided scissors for us to cut the (long) noodles, but I say try not to cut these noodles as they are best enjoyed when one slurp inhale them. Yes, inhale. Haha. Alternatively, have a slice of the crunchy pickled radish with every mouthful as recommended by Kim Junhyun.

Happy inhaling jajangmyeon at Dong Fang Hong!

92/94 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore
6327 9036
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Tues – Sun : 11:30 – 15:00 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Tues – Sun : 17:30 – 22:00 (Dinner)
Value: 6
* Closed on Mon
Service: 7