Dinner @ MK Restaurant

November 23, 2013 in Chinese, Thai by thywhaleliciousfay

It was by sheer chance that I realised MK restaurant has opened an outlet in Singapore. Was in 313@Somerset buying takeaway dinner before my yoga class when I saw the signboard shining (boldly) in red. And remembering MK restaurant being one of the must-go-at-least-once when (one is) in Thailand, I thought it will interesting to try their Singapore outlet.

And with that, a reservation was made on Friday for 7.15pm, 3 people that night.

Upon exiting Somerset MRT and entering 313@Somerset through the basement link, MK restaurant can be easily located upon descending from the escalator that’s directly in front of BreadTalk.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Fish tofu (C30), $4 (above, left)

2) Tofu skin (C42), $2 (above, right)

3) Special seaweed roll (C22), $5 (above, left) – Comprised of pork and fish, this is really nice! A must order. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes before consuming.

4) Crystal fish egg ball (C39), $4 (above) – When I eat my fishballs, I like it plain. Uh huh, I don’t like fu zhou fish balls. So I was surprised when I actually like these fish balls with fish eggs. The white balls pop in the mouth! Do try.

5) Shrimp wanton (C15), $4.50 (above) – Nice. The amount of shrimps used for the wanton is generous and fresh.

6) Sliced chicken, $12 (large) (above) – This sadly failed terribly. While the presentation looked excellent with chicken meat sliced thinly (perfect for shabu-shabu), the slices disintegrated when we tried to pick it up (carefully) with our chopsticks. We ended with many small pieces of chicken meat.

7) Roasted duck, char siew and crispy pork, $14.90 (small) (above) – Only the duck was nice. The rest were a tad too salty.

8) MK assorted vegetable platter, $25 (large) (above) – A good range of variety is given. The platter comprises of…

… Vegetables, mushrooms (no enokitake / golden mushroom though), tofu (includes tofu skin which is not in smaller pictures) and noodles.

9) Signature coconut milk ice cream with glutinous rice, $7 (above) – For dessert, I would recommend this. Very nice. It also contains red bean, corn, strips of coconut and jackfruit. Yummy!

I won’t recommend making a special trip to MK restaurant, which is pretty odd cause I remembered I had a good experience in the Bangkok (Thailand) outlet. Only come if you are in the area (313@Somerset to be specific since there’re other steamboat options within Orchard), have a craving for steamboat and there’s no queue.

For soup, the original flavour is complimentary. But we opted for ‘original and tom yum’ where tom yum soup is at an additional charge of $4.90. Now, here comes the weird part. The staff told us that they had run out of the pots which can hold 2 different soups at the same time. So we opted to have our original flavoured soup first. And out of curiosity, we asked what (will) happen if after we changed our pot to tom yum, and we did not like it and wanted the original again. The staff went “Oh, you have to pay lor.”

And it was really puzzling that we had to pay cause for a restaurant this huge, I am surprised they only had 10 number of the 2-ways yuan yang pot. But thankfully, after we decided to just go ahead and have our tom yum soup, the staff came back and said he managed to find the yuan yang pot for us. And frankly, the soups (both original and tom yum) were nothing fantastic to shout about. Original was bland and a little salty while tom yum was diluted, sour and just lacked that kick.

And because everything is electronic (you order by clicking the screen), do double check what you have ordered. We thought we ordered a few items, but it turned out that while fidgeting with the system, we may have clicked cancelled or forgot to click ‘confirm’. And the dishes are served very shortly after one placed order. So a word of advise, you may want to order a few dishes and order more as you go.

Lastly, got this off from their website and thought it’s interesting.


Boil 1 bowl of cooked rice with shrimp, fish, squid in the last portion of soup to get seafood boiled rice. Put the rice in first and wait till the rice has expanded. When the soup is boiling, put shrimp and squid in before putting the fish in a few minutes later. Do not stir till fish fillets are done.

Do try if you do dine at MK restaurant.

313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, #B3-30/32, Singapore
6884 9224, Website
Overall: 6
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon – Sun : 11:00 – 22:00
Ambience: 6
Value: 6
Service: 6