Dinner @ Meii Sushi

May 13, 2015 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

My Jap-foodie-GF loves Meii Sushi for their (what she calls) fisherman-styled sushi. And I have to agree with her recommendation. I’m not one who heads back to the same place. Definitely not over a short period of time since I enjoy checking out different places. But for Meii Sushi, I have visited them 3 times over 2 months! Or was it 4 times? Hmm…

To allow everyone to be seated at the sushi counter, Chef Hong takes up to 8 people (maximum) for dinners. And reservation is a must. Even if the restaurant was not running at full house, walk-ins will be turned away.

There’s no menu at Meii Sushi. Dinner is omakase-styled. And to kick start the dinner, one shall inform chef Hong if one wants sashimi-sushi or sushi omakase. I will recommend the latter though. I tried the former and we ended up being too full. Then again, my stomach only learnt to expand by my 3rd visit to take in the generous amounts of food dished out by chef Hong. Ha.

And with that, our dinner started with:-

1) Seasonal omakase course, $180 comprised of:-

(A) Appetiser #1 (above) – Scallop fin mixed with wasabi.


(B) Appetiser #2 (above) – On our various visits, we were given different appetisers which included shirauo (baby white anchovy) with uni (above, left) and ika (squid) with uni (above, right). I simply enjoyed the combination of ika and uni (sea urchin). So good.

(C) Appetiser #3 (above) – Cucumber with miso paste.

(D) Ankimo (above) – Monkfish liver topped with green onion and radish. This was not always available at Meii Sushi. So when we learnt that chef Hong had this during 1 of our visits, we just had to request for it. And chef Hong’s take on the ankimo is very different from what’s normally served at other restaurants. Instead of small circular slabs of smooth liver paste, chef Hong’s was thick and chunky. Think size XL.


(E) Onsen tamago (above) – 1 of the dishes I would always request to be included in our omakase dinner. I enjoy roughly mixing the ingredients before slurping it down. And depending on what was included in chef Hong’s delivery from Japan, one may get to try the soft-poached egg with either bafun or murasaki sea urchin.

(F) Assorted sashimi (above) – Comprised of hamachi (yellowtail), tai (snapper) and botan ebi (prawn). This was served to us during our first few visits when we went with sashimi-sushi omakase. And of course, the slices were really thick and generous. Imagine biting into one thick chunk of meat!


(G) Assorted sushi (above) – And this would be a compilation of the various sushi we got to try over our numerous visits. I did not include every sushi as there would be too many to post since we typically ate 13 to 18 pieces per visit. Yes, that many! And I would recommend one to go with ‘without shellfish’ sushi. It could be due to the huge size of the sushi that some sushi were ‘too much’ for me. Like the akagai (ark shell clam) which was too bloody. Although one may need to convince chef Hong sea urchin is not a shellfish. He teased us by saying he shouldn’t serve (us) sea urchin cause urchins come in shells. Ha. But not trying the sea urchin at Meii Sushi is a big no-no! If one’s lucky, one may get to try up to 4 different types of sea urchins. And do check with chef Hong if he has anago (sea eel) which is another item that’s not always available. His sea eel is really good. But of course, as with his ‘size XL’ concept, the sea eel was long enough to wrap around the rice. Ha!

(H) Soup (above)

(I) Dessert (above) – And fruits are typically served at Meii Sushi.

Will I recommend Meii Sushi? I would. For a meal with 13 to 18 pieces of sushi, the price at Meii Sushi ranges from $170 to $180. And that’s very value for money! Especially with the fact that the sushi are bigger than the typical-sized sushi by 2. Or even 3 times!

Some claimed chef Hong can be quite difficult. However, during my few visits, chef Hong was friendly and humorous! Though I do think chef Hong had probably warmed up to us cause my Jap-foodie-GF had been coming to Meii Sushi pretty often before me. But of course, once the restaurant runs at full capacity, one can’t get his attention as much since he’s solely in-charge of preparing the food. Which also explains why my Jap-foodie-GF and I would come at 6.30pm before the dinner crowd streams in. =) And chef Hong is very passionate about his sushi. It showed when I said I was full, yet he insisted on dishing out a few more of his ‘must try’ sushi.

And word has it that chef Hong will be relocating to a new place in 2 4 months’ time. Can’t wait!

10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #02-54, Singapore
6220 3466
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Fri : 11:30 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 22:00 (Dinner)
Value: 8
* Closed on Sun
Service: 7

UPDATE: Restaurant has moved to The Scarlet Hotel @ 33 Erskine Road.