Dinner @ Iggy’s

May 3, 2015 in European by thywhaleliciousfay

While brainstorming for our (next) dinner venue, my friend suggested heading to Waku Ghin and Shinji. His suggestions were made based on an article written in 2013 by EliteTraveler. However, since I’ve checked out the mentioned two, I proposed Iggy’s instead. Not that I haven’t been to Iggy’s. I had, just not recently. Ha!

I was curious of the change in menu with their change in head chef from Akmal Anuar to Masahiro Isono.

Iggy’s is a 10 to 15 minutes walk from Orchard MRT station. And within Hilton Hotel, one can easily reach Iggy’s by taking the escalator or elevator. My friend and I went on a Thursday night. However, there was an ongoing Dinner & Dance on the same night of our dinner which made arriving at level 3 via escalator a little intimidating as I entered directly into the busy reception area of the Dinner & Dance. They were all dressed in costumes! My, my.

Iggy’s, which is directly opposite of Hilton’s ballroom, was distinctively identifiable as the entire wall / facade was matt black.

To enter, one would press on the ‘button’ for the automatic sliding door to open. We were led through a long, entirely black-washed corridor (as with its external facade) that’s brightened up by the ceiling full of chandelier lighting before we reached the main dining area. And in that sense, I did feel as though I was entering a cave.

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3), we ordered:-

1) Gastronomic menu, $275 comprised of:-

(A) Stone (above) – I do think the staff enjoys seeing the surprised look on diner’s face when this is presented. My friend and I were taken aback to see a plate of stones. Like, “huh?” The staff then went on to explain that only 2 are edible. And indeed, when we took a closer look, we could see which are the edible items; Small potato with crisp skin that’s to be enjoyed along with truffle mayonnaise sauce. Interesting!

(B) Egg & foie gras (above) – When our orders were taken, the staff asked if we had any diet restriction to which I informed that I don’t take beef. And with that, my ‘egg & foie gras’ was served with chicken consommé while my friend’s was beef consommé. And as we were having this, I couldn’t help but comment to my friend that it smelled very Japanese. Now, that’s a compliment! It’s very fragrant and somewhat reminded me of chawanmushi.

(C) Snacks (above) – Pate, sakura ebi, hokki. Comprised of (from right to left) i) Japanese baby shrimps with curry sauce, ii) Sea urchin, bell pepper and hokki clam served on a cracker made of tomato, and iii) Pate of chicken, foie gras and mushroom served with grape jelly.

(D) Burnt scallop (above) – And for diners to get a strong whiff of the ‘burnt’ smell, the staff would only open the lid to the globe that contained the scallop in front of us. And as with the dish name, the scallop had a deep smokey flavour. However, it was the sauce which intrigued us. A mixture of sambal chilli and crab miso. My friend and I enjoyed the scallop and sauce separately.

(E) Grecque (above) – Beetroot, baby carrot, mascarpone. A colourful dish comprised of pickled marinated vegetables, 2 types of cheese (mascarpone and burrata), cured ham and octopus.

(F) Kinmedai (above) – Green pea, bamboo shoot, onion. We were told by the staff that the golden eye snapper was wrapped with a special paper which allowed the dish to cook on its own. And true enough, the broth within was still boiling strongly when it was served. And this was really good. I especially liked the broth.

(G) Spaghettini (above) – Tai, shirako, urui, yuzu.

(H) Main course (above) – A choice of wagyu, lamb or pork with white asparagus, potato, fig. My friend and I went with lamb where Australia grain fed lamb was served medium rare and with black truffle sauce. Lamb was beautifully executed; Tender and juicy meat that’s slightly pink. White asparagus from France added a refreshing, crunchy texture to the entire ensemble. A must try.

(I) Melon (above) – Furmint, milk, camomile. And we were told this was the pre-dessert. Melon, milk ice cream, camomile jelly and dessert wine (Furmint) granita. I really liked this.

(J) Red (above) – White chocolate, red fruits, hibiscus. And when the hibiscus sauce was poured over the white chocolate ball, it melted to reveal the fruits within. Such a visual treat!

(K) Hinoki chocolate box (above) – Selection of home-made chocolates and macarons. Petit fours comprised of
salted caramel macaron, 2 types of chocolate which included a white chocolate with popping candy and mandarin orange jelly.

(L) Coffee or tea (above) – And I went with caffe latte.

Will I recommend Iggy’s? Yes. And it’s not just because Iggy’s is on San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Restaurants list. They are at number 18 for 2015, by the way. I was impressed with the overall dining experience. Every dish showcased chef’s various techniques. And in all honesty, Iggy’s fared better during my repeated visit as compared to my first which left me with no impression at all. For real.

Dining was an intimate affair with us diners seated within a confined space. Staff was attentive and professional, although I preferred if they could do the introduction to the dishes slower. My friend and I have goldfish memory, so we couldn’t quite catch / remember what they were saying. The problem lies with us lah. Ha.

581 Orchard Road, The Hilton Hotel, Level 3, Singapore
6732 2234, Website
Overall: 8
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon, Thur – Sat : 12:00 – 13:30 (Lunch Seating)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 19:00 – 21:30 (Dinner Seating)
Value: 8
* Closed on Sun
Service: 8

UPDATE 1: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2017.
UPDATE 2: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2018.