Lunch @ Shi Li Fang

July 8, 2015 in Chinese by thywhaleliciousfay

It was a day of spontaneity. We decided to head to town before deciding our lunch venue. If you know me well, you probably would also know (the location of) my day’s itinerary evolves around where we’ll be eating at. Haha.

We parked at Orchard Central and were looking at the mall’s directory when we decided on checking out a Korean BBQ restaurant. However, while making our way to the intended restaurant, we walked past Shi Li Fang and were intrigued.

In the centre of the space of Shi Li Fang were 3 narrow high tables. And what’s interesting was that diners were sitting beside one another instead of opposite/facing one another. And with individual pots, I thought it was a good concept for customers who are dining in pairs or by themselves.

And from the set menu, we ordered:-

1) Shilifang specialty chicken set, $9.90 comprised of:-

(A) Soup (choice of 2 bases) (above) – With 7 flavours to choose from, I went with the staff’s recommendation of ‘tasty picked vegetables soup’ and ‘tonic chicken soup’. And the staff was right when he said these 2 flavours were ladies’ favourites. Then again, even my (male) friend liked the soup bases!

(B) Vegetables platter (above) – Included an egg which I did not expect. You know… Cause egg is not a vegetable.

(C) Shilifang specialty chicken (above)


(D) Noodles or rice (above) – With 4 items (handmade noodles, white rice, thick beehoon and egg noodles) to choose from, I chose ‘handmade noodles’. And the anticipation for the noodle was built up as the television within the restaurant was playing a video (on repeat) of how the staff would pull the handmade noodle to a really long length before putting it into the soup. And a word of advise… Once the noodle is served, do let the staff assist you to ‘pull’ the noodle immediately. Else, if the noodle is left sitting on the plate for too long, the dough will go cold and dry such that the staff won’t be able to pull successfully. Else, one can also have fun and try pulling the noodle dough by oneself instead.

(E) Beverage

2) Shilifang specialty pork tenderloin set, $14.80 comprised of:-

(A) Soup (choice of 2 bases) (above) – And wanting to try the other flavours, ‘ravishing tomato soup’ and ‘nourishing fish meat soup’ were chosen over the remaining flavours of ‘specialty mala soup’, ‘tasty mushroom soup’ and ‘vegetarian soup’.

(B) Vegetables platter (above)

(C) Shilifang specialty pork tenderloin (above)

(D) Noodles or rice – And my friend went with rice.

(E) Beverage

3) Pork belly, $5.20 (per portion) (above) – There was a 50% promotion for all meats and thus we order a portion of the pork belly to try. Am not too sure when the promotion will end. The staff shared with us that the promotion was for their ‘new opening’, but they have been opened for 8 months now. Ha.

Will I recommend Shi Li Fang. For sure! It’s very value for money. And if one is not full from the set menu (since the quantity can be pretty small for big eaters), one can order more from the a-la carte menu. Make full use of the 50% promotion on all meats before the promotion is over. Keke. And since the higher counters are (more) suitable for diners who are eating alone or in pairs, Shi Li Fang has the normal (low) tables for bigger groups.

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #07-10/11, Singapore
6238 0800, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sun : 10:30 – 22:00
Ambience: 7
Value: 8
Service: 7