Brunch @ Dessert Project

September 3, 2015 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

I have a friend who loves his waffles. And since he was in my (work) area, we decided to meet up for lunch. And thus, we were off to Dessert Project. He was going for the waffle while I was curious to try their shibuya toast. Haha. 2 people going together to the same cafe but for different dishes.

It being a weekday, it was easy for us to find an empty parking lot in front of the cafe, along the road. Be a law-abiding citizen and put parking coupon, kie! =) But to know which unit is the cafe can be tricky. They don’t have a big signboard that shouts ‘Dessert Project’. However, with their black-white concept, they naturally stood out from the other shops. Ha!

Dessert Project isn’t exactly a full-fledged cafe. They are more of an ice cream parlour which does additional desserts like waffle, shibuya toast and lava cake.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Waffle, $5.90 (+ $3.80, single scoop ‘classic’ ice cream) (above) – The waffle was not too bad. Crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. However, my friend and I decided to play it safe by going with vanilla for the flavour of our ice cream.

2) Nutella toast, $14.90 (above) – 3 inch thick toast with a dallop of whipped cream, vanilla bean & ferrero rocher ice cream (handcrafted), chopped nuts, nutella sauce. And since this was my first at trying shibuya toast, I’m not too sure what a good shibuya toast should be like. Cause don’t have others to benchmark against Haha. But I would say this was okie (in terms of taste) although we noted the butter did not reach all cubes of the bread. But if I were to be more strict based on what I have seen of shibuya toast (from other cafes) on instagram, Dessert Project’s was just scoops of ice cream on (top of) toast. Theirs wasn’t very impressive in terms of plating. But we couldn’t deny how good and thick the homemade ice cream was.

3) Reverse affogato, $5.50 (above) – With a scoop of coffee ice cream served in a cup, we were to pour the warm milk into the cup. This was pretty good although it did get to (the trying to be health conscious) me that this was fattening since I was literally drinking melted (coffee) ice cream with milk.

Dessert Project being more of an ice cream parlour is a good addition to the neighbourhood. We saw customers (who were in the area) dropping by specifically for their ice creams. But to travel all the way to Havelock for their ice creams… Well, that I am not too sure. I reckon my friends would scold me if I made them take a 30 minutes bus journey or a $20 taxi ride just for ice creams. Of which, Dessert Project really has a wide range of ice cream flavours from classic ones like ‘vanilla’ and ‘espresso’ to more interesting ones like ‘after eight’ (mint chocolate), ‘Thai earl grey’ and ‘melon & parma ham’.

And probably it’s because we came on a weekday where they were seeing very few customers that service was a little lacking. The staff sat hid at the back of the cafe. There were times when customers came in but there was no staff at the cashier to take order as they did not hear the customers coming in. But on weekends and weekday evenings when the cafe sees a more steady stream of customers, I am positive service would be better than what we experienced on our visit.

22 Havelock Road, #01-673, Singapore
Overall: 6
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon – Tue : 12:00 – 21:30
Ambience: 6
Thur : 12:00 – 21:30
Value: 6
Fri – Sat : 12:00 – 23:00
Service: 6
Sun : 12:00 – 21:30
* Closed on Wed