Sweets @ Asakusa Naniwaya 浅草浪花屋 (Tokyo, Japan)

March 4, 2017 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Shaved ice (kakigori) hunting has since become a must in my trips to Japan. And this time, I was off to Asakusa Naniwaya. Better known as 浅草浪花屋.

浅草浪花屋 is a 10 to 12 minutes walk from Asakusa metro station. I took the metro a lot during my trip in Tokyo. Got to stretch my dollar worth since I purchased the metro pass lah. Keke! One may also visit Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple) before heading over to 浅草浪花屋 since it’s a mere 5 minutes walk from each other.

The shop space was divided into two. The front half served as a waiting space for customers who were buying the fish-shaped cake with red bean filling (taiyaki). Whereas the second half was for dine-in customers who were there for the shaved ice.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any English menu. Yes, only Japanese menu. On my first visit, I ordered by showing an instagram picture. And on my second visit (a few days later), I ordered by repeating what I overheard (others had ordered) during my first visit. Keke:-

1) Kakigori #1, ¥780 (above) – The top layer of white bean paste wasn’t too sweet. In fact, I was surprised at how well the ensemble of white bean paste, uji matcha and azuki bean purée came together. I haven’t quite tried a lot of white bean paste dishes. And it certainly helped that its visual was great.

2) Kakigori #2, ¥750 (above) – And this was ordered simply by saying “Kiwi.” Keke. During my first visit, I overheard a couple ordering this. And I was interested to try it after hearing them gushing over it while eating. And this didn’t disappoint. Hidden within was what tasted like frozen yogurt. A very refreshing dish. I easily finished this on my own. A must try.

I noticed 浅草浪花屋’s shaved ice melted faster than expected although it was winter. And the top layer of ice (above the hidden filling) collapsed while I was working my way halfway through the mountain of ice. Am not sure if it’s a good or bad since it could mean they skillfully layered the ice without it being too heavy or they didn’t pack the ice tightly and properly so that it could hold on its own.

But I enjoyed my shaved ice, nonetheless. Certainly worth the detour (since one is walking away from Asakusa metro station) after visiting Sensoji.

2−12−4 Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan (東京都 台東区 浅草 2-12-4)
+81 3 3842 0988, Website, Tablelog
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon, Wed – Sun : 10:00 – 19:00
Ambience: 5
Value: 7
Service: 7
* Closed on Tues