Dinner @ Restaurant Sasaki (Sydney, Australia)

June 26, 2017 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

My second chance of having a nice meal in Sydney came along when my colleague said her relatives wanted to meet her for dinner. Erm… Yeah for me? Keke. And for my precious second slot, I chose to have dinner at Sasaki. Chanced upon the restaurant while surfing instagram with the hashtag #SydneyEats and I immediately fell in love with their facade; Concrete with form tie holes.

Recently opened in April 2017, chef-owner Yu Sasaki’s memories of growing up in his hometown Shimane (north of Hiroshima in Japan) formed the core of his 25-seaters restaurant. And it’s read from their website that each dish was inspired by head chef Sasaki’s mother’s style of home cooking; Simple and made with love. Wooden cutlery was also made by head chef Sasaki’s retired dad. Like the spoon which was whittled from a single piece of wood.

Reservation was made with ease through the online booking system on their website. And as requested, I got my counter seat where counter was made with Tasmanian oak. And from the menu, I ordered:-

1) Egg & crab, AUD11 (above)

2) Gurnard, sakura & kombu, AUD19 (above)

3) Eggplant, buckwheat, nori & plum, AUD19 (above) – This was a cold dish. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this.

4) Duck, soy & leek, AUD25 (above) – Done in 2 ways, this dish was perfect! If I had to choose just one dish as my favourite, this would be it. A must order.

5) Clams, sake & watercress, AUD21 (above) – Except for a few which weren’t cleaned properly, this dish was not too bad. Although I was a little embarrassed cause I suspect the patrons sitting beside me could hear the ‘biting on sand’ sound as I chewed the clams.

6) Rice, chicken & mushroom, AUD11 (above) – I really liked this. Texture of rice was slightly chewy, but totally flavourful.


7) Genmai & ginger, AUD4 (topmost, right)

8) Caramel & nuts, AUD6 (topmost, middle)

9) Potato & butter, AUD5 (topmost, right)

I was really happy with my dinner at Sasaki. I really loved the space. I only wished I had a dining companion so that I could try more dishes from the menu. Although the amount of food I ordered was more than sufficient to feed 2 people. The couple sitting beside me stared hard at every dish that came after my fourth dish. I was eating way more than them. Oops.

102/21 Alberta Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 8068 9774, Website
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 17:30 – 22:00
Ambience: 8
Value: 7
Service: 7
* Closed on Sun