Dinner @ Rakuichi Japanese

April 3, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Headed down to Dempsey cause we wanted Japanese cuisine (Our favourite!) and the only Japanese restaurants which I had researched and saved on my list of places to check out were Rakuichi and Zento. Both located in Dempsey. (^^lll) Haha. Chose Rakuichi over Zento for us cause I read from online forum (Yes! I did my homework well. Hee) that they served really fresh sashimi. And we love our sashimi. =p

Dish #1

Dish #2

Decided to try sea eel cause recently I read an article which shared that one should order Anago (Cooked sea eel), Tamago (Cooked egg. Also known as egg omelette or roasted egg) and Kohada (Raw gizzard shad) to test if that particular Japanese restaurant is up to standard.

And well… I am still pretty new to sea eel. Haha! But I liked how it tasted when I wrapped it with seaweed and some shredded pieces of cucumber.

Dish #3

And yes, we ordered Tamago cause I wanted to put the theory to test. Haha. And I concluded Tamago taste better served warm.

Dish #4

And this was love! We kinda customised it by choosing what we wanted on it. Haha. And there’s my specially requested sea urchin! I’ve no idea why I had a sudden craving for it that night. Not forgetting our favourite tuna belly too! Love! And I’m starting to get hooked onto flounder fish. Sashimi style of course. Hee. Though I got to include that the prawns were served live. The one he had was still moving when he tried to remove the head from the body. (^^lll)

And we were served the whole wasabi root! Now… I had wasabi served fresh (As in non processed), but not this fresh. Haha. I’m impressed!

Dish #5

Dish #6

10 Dempsey Road, #01-22, Singapore
(65) 64742143

Though my tea pot soup (Dish #6) was normal while he found the beef of his beef udon (Not pictured) not up to standard.
Very attentive. Effort was made to check on us, making sure our cups of sake was topped up and cleaning our dishes promptly although we were seated outside.

Must Try: Sashimi

Dinner @ Akashabu Japanese

April 2, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Call me a frog in the well, but I din know Akashi has a shabu shabu branch! Or rather, I din suspect they would have. (^^lll) Haha. And I was surprised to learn the restaurant which had my girlfriend raving about their sesame sauce was Akashabu!

And true enough, the pork slices were sliced sufficiently thin while the sesame sauce was yummy! I had to refill my saucer three times. My girlfriend insisted to shabu shabu properly, we were to twirl the meat in the soup before taking it out once it’s cooked. But I dont have that kind of patience. Instead, in a true steamboat way, I would just throw the pieces into the soup and then scoop everything up. Haha.

5 Stadium Walk, Leisure Park Kallang, #01-02, Singapore
(65) 63463868

The thin-ness of the pork slices did make a difference in shabu shabu. In a good way of course. But I din like the crispy salmon skins which were just bland
It was slightly hard to get the attention of the staff when we wanted to add orders or to get the bill.

Must Try: -

Dinner @ Aoki

February 28, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Picture Credit: Les Amis

The initial plan was to check out a particular European restaurant, but it was booked for an event that night. So my friend and I were left trying to think of a new place for Japanese cuisine when I suddenly recalled passing by a Japanese restaurant while having dinner at Shaw Centre the other night. So yes… With that, we were off to town. =)

The view from our cubicle/table

And from the menu, my friend and I ordered:-

Dish #1: Baby Sea Eel with Vinegar Sauce

This was something new to me. It was a dish with many baby sea eels. (^^lll) Haha. And weirdly, there was not much taste to the baby sea eels. I just remembered them being very chewy. Or maybe I was just too engrossed chatting with my friend. Haha.

Dish #2: Fish Liver

Dish #3: White Fish with Truffle

This dish was awesome! What I did was roll a piece of the white fish with a piece of truffle, dap a bit of the sauce and put everything into my mouth. OMG! So delicious. And there were enough truffle to go with every piece of the white fish. Yum! A must try.

Dish #4: Assorted Sashimi

Dish #5: Bamboo Shoot

What’s left after finishing it

Dish #6: Flower Tempura

Close up

The bigger piece which was the flower was surprisingly tasty. I liked that it was stuffed with cheese. Haha. Oh yah, anything with melted cheese goes for me. =p

Dish #7: Grilled Kinki Fish

Dish #8: Honeydew

Overall, food was simply fresh and yummy! A button is located under the table for those sitting in the cubicles as it may be hard to get the staff’s attention since we’re blocked by a sliding screen door which is also what provided us the privacy.

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #02-17, Singapore
(65) 63338015

Simply fresh and yummy!
A button is located under the table for those sitting in the cubicles as it may be hard to get the staff’s attention since we’re blocked by a sliding screen door which is also what provided us the privacy.

Must Try: White Fish with Truffle