Dinner @ La Strada

July 7, 2010 in Italian by thywhaleliciousfay

My girlfriends and I went to La Strada for dinner. For appetiser, we shared the Proscuitto Di Parma Con Melone which I thought the melon was too sweet. In the sense of, the melon’s sweetness overpowered the saltiness of the parma ham. Hmm…

As for main courses, we had Linguine Alla Gamberi, Linguine Alla Vongole and Chittara Alla Carbonara. And the carbonara was good! My favourite truffle was used in the dish too. However, the sauce used for Linguine Alla Gamberi left a slightly bitter after taste which I did not like.

And finally, for desserts, we had Crostata Al Limone E Mascarpone and Torta Cioccolato Con Caramelo Salato which I liked both.

So yes. It was an enjoyable night!

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #01-11, Singapore
(65) 67356656


Must Try: Chittara Alla Carbonara

Dinner @ Le Bon Marche // CLOSED

July 4, 2010 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

Met my girlfriends for dinner at Le Bon Marche before one of them was to fly off for Penang. And I still find it amazing that she is spending seven days in Penang. (^^lll) Are there really so many things to do there? Keke.

Complimentary Starter

Main Course #1: Duck Confit (Non traditional)

Main Course #2: Steak (Beef)

Main Course #3: Pork Neck

And dinner was awesome! Seriously. It’s not just because I was in the wonderful company of my girlfriends. The restaurant’s service was top notch, while the food was simply finger-licking good! And oh… Throw in some juicy conversational topics for us females to debate on too. Haha.

And check this out! Seasalt Crusted Whole French Seabass for $100! Super expensive! But a table happened to order that, and when the fish was served, it looked so good! Which my girlfriends and I immediately figured it was not that expensive if the fish was to be shared among three. No prizes for guessing what we’ll be ordering when we return to Le Bon Marche! Haha. =p

Dessert #1: Cherries

This was served complimentary. And the staff was really cute. He introduced it as “French Strawberry Soup” before continuing to say “But better known as smoothie to Singaporeans.” And yes, the soup tasted like smoothie! Haha. And it was also this same staff who impressed us with his top notch service. Very attentive. Very professional. Very friendly.

Dessert #2: Poached Prunes

Dessert #3: Souffle

And the desserts did not fail to deliver. They were so good! My favourite would be the cherries.

383 Bukit Timah Road, Alocassia Service Apartments, #01-01, Singapore
(65) 62263269


Must Try: Pork Neck, Cherries, Poached Prunes

Dinner @ Villa Di Parma // CLOSED

June 27, 2010 in Italian by thywhaleliciousfay

And I know a particular restaurant has been on my list of restaurants-to-try for too long when their name was still ‘Ristorante De Parma’ when I jotted it in my diary, but they have since changed their name to the present ‘Villa Di Parma’. (^^lll) Oops.

And with that! Instead of checking out the eateries near Parkway Parade as my colleague and I usually would, we went to Serangoon Gardens for a change. =) And before I even entered the restaurant, I already knew what I wanted to order cause I did my homework at HungryGoWhere. Haha.

Shared Dish #1: Smoked Salmon Pizza

And this was one of the two highlights! Not only is it raved by many, I love my salmon (Sashimi) too! Hee. And yes, the pizza was really good. The salmon, the special sauce used and the dough complimented one another very well. Yummy!

And it is a good thing I did my homework before going cause I might have given their Smoked Salmon Pizza a miss if had I judged it solely by its price (As in, not many restaurants are generous with their ingredients or even use quality ingredients despite charging more for their dishes) which really would have been a pity! (^^lll) And it’s no surprise that Suzhen and I managed to finish the pizza even though it was pretty big! =p

Shared Dish #2: Coppa

Was expecting the meat to be served ‘pork chop’ style, so we were surprised to see it being served as a gigantic meat ball. And while I was not in a mood to eat a gigantic meat ball, I got to admit it was not too bad. The meat was juicy and crunchy at the same time as the pork was minced with onions.

Shared Dish #3: Tiramisu

And finally! The second highlight of the night. It’s claimed to be the best in Singapore… And well, I am not sure if it’s the best since I have not tried all the other tiramisu in Singapore. (^^lll) Haha. But it’s definitely divine! I liked how the top layer was mostly creamy with sponge cake (I am not sure if those were sponge cake or lady finger biscuits) placed randomly in it while the bottom layer was totally soaked! =p

14B Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore
(65) 62813380

We ordered their signature dishes, and the signature dishes did not disappoint!
The staff seemed a little hostile. I wonder if it’s because I turned down his offer to give us recommendation (But I did that only because we already knew what we wanted). But they warmed up a little later to suggest enthusiastically that we should try their Chocolate Fondant (Which we had to give a miss as we were too full) when we were ordering dessert.

Must Try: Smoked Salmon Pizza, Tiramisu