Dinner @ Aoki

February 28, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Picture Credit: Les Amis

The initial plan was to check out a particular European restaurant, but it was booked for an event that night. So my friend and I were left trying to think of a new place for Japanese cuisine when I suddenly recalled passing by a Japanese restaurant while having dinner at Shaw Centre the other night. So yes… With that, we were off to town. =)

The view from our cubicle/table

And from the menu, my friend and I ordered:-

Dish #1: Baby Sea Eel with Vinegar Sauce

This was something new to me. It was a dish with many baby sea eels. (^^lll) Haha. And weirdly, there was not much taste to the baby sea eels. I just remembered them being very chewy. Or maybe I was just too engrossed chatting with my friend. Haha.

Dish #2: Fish Liver

Dish #3: White Fish with Truffle

This dish was awesome! What I did was roll a piece of the white fish with a piece of truffle, dap a bit of the sauce and put everything into my mouth. OMG! So delicious. And there were enough truffle to go with every piece of the white fish. Yum! A must try.

Dish #4: Assorted Sashimi

Dish #5: Bamboo Shoot

What’s left after finishing it

Dish #6: Flower Tempura

Close up

The bigger piece which was the flower was surprisingly tasty. I liked that it was stuffed with cheese. Haha. Oh yah, anything with melted cheese goes for me. =p

Dish #7: Grilled Kinki Fish

Dish #8: Honeydew

Overall, food was simply fresh and yummy! A button is located under the table for those sitting in the cubicles as it may be hard to get the staff’s attention since we’re blocked by a sliding screen door which is also what provided us the privacy.

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #02-17, Singapore
(65) 63338015

Simply fresh and yummy!
A button is located under the table for those sitting in the cubicles as it may be hard to get the staff’s attention since we’re blocked by a sliding screen door which is also what provided us the privacy.

Must Try: White Fish with Truffle

Dinner @ Le Saint Julien // CLOSED

January 31, 2010 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

One month after our dinner at BLU, my friend and I were on our way to St Julien! =) And we were fortunate to meet Edith, the other half of husband and wife team who owns Edith & Julien Bompard, and have her personally recommend dishes.

Our Appetizer #1: Ecaille d’Argent No. 3, Oyster Tartar in Shell (Background)

I was very hesitant when Edith recommended us to try the oysters as I was not sure if I had overcome my phobia of raw oysters. But she was so sincere! So my friend and I had two oysters each. And I guessed my phobia has not subsided. Boo! I went for the raw oyster first, and I had to down it with lots of white wine. I am very sensitive to raw oyster that has a fishy taste. And my horrible friend was not helping by asking me to swallow it, which I couldn’t of course. Haha.

But the chopped oyster which was served with avruga caviar, salmon egg, shallot and chive was nice! Sadly, I still had taste from the former oyster lingering in my mouth, so I had to get my friend to finish up my second oyster. What a pity!

Our Appetizer #2: Caviar from France (Baeri)

The better grade caviars were out of stock, but that did not matter for this was simply enjoyable. Which of course made me wonder how tastier would the better ones be when the one we had was already so good! *Gasp* Haha. =p

Accompaniments to go with the caviar

The finished product!

And frankly, this was my first time having caviar this way. Yeps! I am a big frog in the well. (^^lll) Haha. I mean, I had caviar with biscuit and with angel hair pasta. But not with pancake topped with minced onion and sieved egg whites and yolks! I was addicted. $_$

And I learnt from the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ that caviar is best handled with a spoon made from shell. So imagine my excitement when I saw we were given Mother of Pearl spoons to handle our caviar! (^^lll) Haha.

His Tasting Menu Dish #1

Truffle was in the season and my friend went for the tasting menu. Although I decided to go a-la carte, I got to steal a few pinches from his dishes. Hee! And this dish was fresh and nice! =) And cause my friend did not finish the truffle, Edith actually came up and politely asked if he wanted to finish all the black stuff up rather than having her staff clear his dish. Of course, that gesture was heart warming for when one put in a lot of effort in creating their dishes, they would feel pain should the patrons not finish the important parts of the dishes. No? =)

My Appetizer: Marinated Foie Gras Terrine with Festive Spices Wine (From the Le Menu Truffle)

I was bought over with my very first mouthful of it! Haven’t had foie gras that was done so nicely! And there was no veins in it too. Yum!

His Tasting Menu Dish #2

His Tasting Menu Dish #3

My Main Course: Roasted Lamb Rack with Ratatouille “Provençale” and Lamb Jus with Basil Oil

I should remind myself to refrain from ordering lamb (And duck) for my main course. In my opinion, lamb is a pretty difficult meat to cook and be done up fantastically. So yes, while my main course was average tasting, it was not good enough to make me go “Wow!”

No picture of my friend’s main course cause I happened to go for a toilet break when they served our main courses. And when I returned to our table, he had started digging into his dish. Roar! Haha. But he had the Wagyu Beef Strip loin, Grade 9, for his Tasting Menu Dish #4 which he did not find it fantastic. (^^lll)

His Tasting Menu Dish #5

3 Fullerton Road, The Fullerton Water Boathouse, Singapore
(65) 65345947

For the price of our dinner, I guess I expected the dishes to be tastier. Though I cant get enough of their foie gras!
This goes without saying. Really appreciate the personal attention from Edith and the small little gestures which showed the effort she puts into the restaurant.
We were given a corner table that had a beautiful view for me only (For it was a wall that’s behind me. Haha!) despite making no prior reservation. I liked how the restaurant was not too noisy or crowded.

Must Try: Foie Gras

Dinner @ Nanbantei

January 16, 2010 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Was to bring my friend for dinner but I din have time to do much research. So we ended up wasting quite a bit of time trying to find the suitable place. Especially so cause I wasn going to settle for any restaurant. (^^lll) And just when we were giving up and about to settle for one of those restaurants which we have tried before, I suddenly remembered reading about a Japanese restaurant tucked in Far East Plaza. Haha. I guess meeting me for dinner could be quite a pain since my policy is to always try new places to eat at. =p

We had to wait for almost an hour before hungry us could go in and order our food because the place was packed. But it was worth the wait! =p We ordered lots, just like how I liked it to be. Haha! We ordered the A-course (12 yakitori sticks and rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert), B-Course (Assorted sashimi, 8 yakitori sticks, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert), foie gras, hotate fry (fried scallops), wakame kyuri su (vinegared seaweed and cucumber) their seasonal special magaro chin, matcha ice cream and sake!!! It was as though I was using the excuse “It’s my friend’s birthday meal” to go crazy ordering. Hee.

And dinner was simply enjoyable. The whole experience of us taking the counter seats, watching the chef who were grilling the sticks right front of us, sipping our sake, eating our food and laughing over stuff which I can no longer remember.

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-132, Singapore
(65) 67335666

The scallop inside the thin bread crumb was huge! I was pleasantly surprised! But the foie gras was a let down.
Take the counter seats for a more authentic experience!

Must Try: The Yakitori Sticks, Wakame Kyuri Su, Matcha Ice Cream, Sake