Dinner @ BLU

December 25, 2009 in European, French by thywhaleliciousfay

My friend and I met up for dinner on a Monday evening at Shangri-La Hotel for the ‘Experience’ menu. Been reading good raves about the food, so I had to try it for myself. =p However, I guessed I had my hopes pinned too high cause some of the dishes fell short of my expectations. Though I had to give it to the chef for his creativity. Most of the dishes were pleasant, except for the Lamb Kebab which tasted normal.

Dish #1: BBQ Chic Puff

An interesting dish! The puff, which melts in the mouth, tasted like chicken! I mean… How could an air-light-puff taste like a solid-matter-chicken? (^^lll) We were also told to eat the puff in one mouthful and to drink the liquid thereafter.

Dish #2: Lobster Thermadore

I liked this. The lobster pieces were big and fresh.

Dish #3: Foiegras@fruits.com

Dish #4: The Egg Came First

We din really know how to eat this. My friend basically poked at it, broke the yolk which was inside the ball and consumed the dish in smaller pieces. While I, on the other hand, divided the ball into two pieces in the ratio of 1:2 because I wanted to stuff the bigger piece and allow what’s left of the yolk to burst in my mouth. And I must have looked pretty unglam cause my friend was amused at the sight. (^^lll) Haha.

Dish #5: Lamb Kebab

Dish #6: Breakfast

Another interesting dish. The ‘yolk’ was actually mango while the ‘egg white’ was coconut. Pretty cool, I say!

Surprise dish which wasn that surprising

And this was one of the dishes I came for. And yes, I long heard about it from other forums. =p Basically, when we went for the ‘Experience’ menu, the staff would start off by asking us if we have any allergies. After which, they would come round later to share what the chef would be preparing. It’s something like we let the chef decide our courses. Thus, when the staff told us of what the chef had in mind for us, the edible tree was not part of it. So when I saw the trees being served at other tables, I made my friend enquire about it (Cause I had to have it as part of our dinner), only to learn that it’s a complimentary surprise dish from the chef.

I probably went with very high expectations after reading good reviews from forums. But overall, it was a nice experience. Something different. We were given the personal space as how we liked it. We were only interrupted when they introduced the dishes that were served, topping up of our glasses and clearing our plates. Great ambience with nice view.

22 Orange Grove Road, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Level 24, Tower Wing, Singapore
(65) 62134598

I probably went with very high expectations after reading good reviews from forums. But overall, it was a nice experience. Something different.
We were given the personal space as how we liked it. We were only interrupted when they introduced the dishes that were served, topping up of our glasses and clearing our plates.
Nice view.

Must Try: Lobster Thermadore, Breakfast

Dinner @ Au Jardin // CLOSED

January 22, 2009 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

Normally, if I dont update my list of ‘Where next to try out’, my friend and I would spend at least 15 minutes trying to think of a place to have our dinner while driving aimlessly (Though my friend always drives in the direction of town. Haha). But this time round, he was quick in thinking of heading back to Botanic Gardens to try the other restaurant there! And so we went to Au Jardin. =)

And from the menu, we ordered:-

Complimentary Starter

His Hors D’oeuvre: Alaskan King Crab (A la plancha with pickled radish, avocado mousse)

My Hors D’oeuvre: Duck Liver (Pan seared, mission figs, vanilla & palm sugar)

Our Entree: Hokkaido Scallops (Free range egg cooked at 62′ C, truffle cream)

His Viande: Blackmore Wagyu Brisket (Braised, truffled onions)

My Viande: Pigeon (Smoked, seared foie gras, black turnip cream)

His Dessert: Chocolate Mousse (Citrus fruits)

My Dessert: Pear (Carpaccio, pear sorbet)

Complimentary Dessert

And this time, I remembered to bring my camera. Yeah! Haha. And I like the place alot! A colonial house tucked behind greenery on a small hill. They even provide those golf taxi to fetch/bring you from/to the main gate, but we chose to walk. =)

1 Cluny Road, EJH Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardens Vistors Centre, Singapore
(65) 64668812

Everything was pleasantly nice except for my pigeon. I opted for medium well, but it came too raw. I guess pigeons are better taken well done
First class. One of the best standards that I’ve received!

Must Try: Hokkaido Scallops

Dinner @ The White Rabbit

September 6, 2008 in European by thywhaleliciousfay

So… After learning of The White Rabbit from The Straits Times (and after reading so much of it from blogs), I finally checked out the place with my ODACians last night. Yeah! =) And thankfully we played safe by calling in on Wednesday to make reservation. When I called on Thursday to increase the number of people from 5 to 10, we were informed they were full house! Wow.

The White Rabbit is truly a piece of art. The high ceiling, the stained glass, the intricate details of the window/door metal frames. I felt like we were stepping back into time, but a bit modernised of course. Haha. And since The White Rabbit seem to be targeting at the corporate crowd, there are quite a number of long tables to accommodate large groups. And I like how they used high-back chairs for the colonial feel.

Starter #1: King Oyster Mushroom Roll

Starter #2: Shallot Tart Tatin

How it really looks under those green. Small full-sized onions.

My soup: Chicken Consomme

My main course: Live Maine Lobster Thermidor

Basically, The White Rabbit serves European cuisine. So I was kinda expecting everything to be served The European Way. Thus, when my soup came, served like a Chinese dish, I was like “Errr…” (^^lll) But my main course was good and fresh! I was actually contemplating between the Roast Rack of Lamb and the Live Maine Lobster Thermidor, and I am so glad I chose the latter! =p

My drink: Mojito

I don’t know when and how it began, but I am always ordering Mojito. It’s as though I am on a treasure hunt searching for places which serve good Mojito. (^^lll) Anyway, The White Rabbit’s cocktail list is spilt into ‘The Classic’ and ‘The Reinvented’. And I tried their Mojito the classic way, which was not too bad though its lime taste was not strong enough to continue lingering in my mouth. But I like it that they use big mint leaves (so that the leaves wont go up the straw and get stuck in between my teeth. Haha).

Dessert #1: The White Rabbit Blackforest Cake

Dessert #2: Mars Bar Souffle

Dessert #3: Baked Alaska

The good stuff hidden inside

Baked Alaska is a must try! Everything of it goes very well together. The soft outer layer with the crunchy inner layer. Yum! The souffle was not too bad. It’s airy spongy, which melts delightfully in the mouth. However, the blackforest cake, which was not like our traditional blackforest cake, was a bit too bitter for my liking.

Looking forward to next week cause I am going back to The White Rabbit. Just made reservation in fact. Hee! And I know what I am going to order too. Their signature Mac&Cheese and the reinvented Blackforest Mojito. Haha. And this time round, I must check out their Bar! =)

39C Harding Road, Singapore
(65) 97210536


Must Try: Baked Alaska