Brunch @ Whisk & Paddle

November 11, 2014 in European (cafe)

And for cafes in Singapore which offer view of water, there’s GRUB with a view of Bishan Park’s lake pond, FIX with a view of swimming pool, and the newly opened Whisk & Paddle with a view of Punggol reservoir!

Coming to Whisk & Paddle sure wasn’t convenient for my group of friends who stayed in the West. It was almost like traveling from one corner of Singapore to the other. Me living in the North, I was a little more fortunate. Keke.

I came by public transport and took the LRT to Riviera LRT station from Punggol MRT station. It’s a short 5 to 8 minutes walk to the cafe from the LRT station although I got a little confused as there was no clear indication which was unit 10.

Upon entering Tebing Lane, one will pass a temple on one’s right. Turn left into the car park, keep left and head straight. But keep a lookout on the right as Whisk & Paddle is located on the inner row of units, beside a staircase that leads down to the reservoir.

Although Whisk & Paddle only recently opened on Thursday, there was a good crowd at the cafe. Most who seemed to be families living in the vicinity or groups who have stopped for drinks in the midst of their cycling.

My friends and I chose to sit alfresco although there was no differentiation between the seats within and outside of the unit as the cafe was non-air conditioned, but sheltered. =)

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), we ordered:-

1) Spicy wings, $12 (above) – Deep fried chicken wings tossed in homemade spicy sauce. These were pretty good. We were a little worried about its spiciness but the sauce was a good balance of sweet and spicy. Pretty addictive!

2) Egg benedict, $13 (above) – Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. With choice of smoked salmon ($13), honey baked ham ($13) and sauteed mushrooms ($10.80), we went with honey baked ham. It was stated on menu that it would be served on brioche, but we were given waffle instead. These were okie, although I am not a fan of savoury waffles.

3) Crabmeat linguine, $17 (above) – Linguine and crabmeat cooked in spicy pink sauce. This was really good with generous amount of shredded crab meat. A must try.

4) Duck & lychee pizza, $17 (above) – Smoked duck breast, lychee and mango salsa. We were a little skeptical of mixing duck with lychee, but this was strongly recommended by the staff (together with ‘ham and pineapple’). And indeed, it was not too bad although I removed the mango bits. I am not one who mix sweet with savoury or fruit in main. And it was only when I was having my 2nd slice (and wondering where’s the lychee) when I realised the lychee and duck were not distributed evenly on every slices. Which actually worked out better for me.

5) Passion fruit tart, $6.50 (above) – Passion fruit curd, meringue, chocolate macaron. Nice.

6) Lemon infused ear grey pound, $3.50 (above) – We did not like this. It was too… Cakey? The batter was totally wrong. Please skip this.

7) Waffles, $15.80 (above) – Vanilla ice cream, caramelised banana, walnuts and chocolate sauce. This was not too bad with its fluffy, stretchy interior. And because the ice cream melted so quickly under the heat, I almost not noticed that the waffle lacked a crunchy exterior as it got soaked (quickly) with the melted ice cream.

8) Latte, $5.50 (above)

9) Homemade iced permanganate tea, $6.90 (above)

So while my friends were lamenting of its location since they don’t live anywhere near Whisk & Paddle, we were really happy with the food, service and ambience.

It’s definitely a nice change to brunch within nature and far away from all the city hustle. And them located just beside a reservoir, I felt it provided an authentic water view. Ha. =p Staff were really polite and helpful too.

We also got 20% off our total bill (valid till end Nov 14) as part of its grand opening promotion.

10 Tebing Lane, Singapore
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Thur : 15:30 – 22:30
Ambience: 7
Fri : 15:30 – 01:30
Value: 6
Sat : 10:30 – 01:30
Service: 8
Sun : 10:30 – 22:30

Brunch @ FIX

August 30, 2014 in European (cafe)

Having learnt of a poolside cafe from Burpple, my girlfriends and I were excited to check them out.

Although FIX looked like it’s of walkable distance from Toa Poyah MRT station, my girlfriends and I decided to take a taxi from HDB Hub. And our cab fare came up to a low $6.

Knowing that FIX has a pool view, it was pretty easy locating them within the club. Oh yes, just head towards the swimming pool! But what we were not prepared for was that FIX is a non-air conditioned cafe. Yup! They are an open-concept cafe. But thankfully it was drizzling when we arrived, so the weather was ideally cool for us to chill.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Main + Milkshake set, $14 comprised of:-

(A) Mushroom & feta naanwich (veg) (above) – Otherwise $10 if ordered a-la carte. This was a little tricky and messy to eat, especially with the egg. I actually expected it to be served rolled. But this was really good! Naan was thick and slightly browned on the exterior. Fluffy and chewy on the inside. And yes, we were given nachos too!

(B) Black sesame with brittle milk shake (above) – Otherwise $7.

2) Cake + Drink set, $10 comprised of:-

(A) Donuts (above) – $7 if ordered a-la carte. Donuts were light and fluffy. We left the donuts untouched for a while, and it was good to see no oil stains left on the baking paper. And with 2 options of sauce to choose from, we went with salted egg. Although we managed to try the lemon curd sauce too. Keke. And I must say both sauces were equally good. Salted egg was runny and grainy in texture while lemon curd, which served a good tangy punch, was thick and cloggy.

(B) Iced lemongrass tea (above) – Otherwise $4.

3) Cake + Drink set, $10 comprised of:-

(A) Twice-baked sourcream cheesecake (above) – Otherwise $7. This was not too bad although I did not like the base which was soggy.

(B) Latte (above) – $4.50 if ordered a-la carte.

4) Crispy soy chicken drumlets, $7 (above)

5) Iced mocha, $6 (above)

FIX is a nice place to chill and people watch. It was quite funny cause there was always one person swimming during the 2 hours we were there. Not the same person of course. And so we joked that swimming caused the six-abs person to swell to become fat, and finally aged into an old man. Ha!

So yes, do come and order the sets which are more value for money.

31 Ah Hood Road, Home Team NS-JOM, #01-06, Singapore
6256 1484, Website, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon – Sun : 09:30 – 22:30
Ambience: 7
Value: 7
Service: 6