Dinner @ Keria Japanese Restaurant

July 27, 2017 in Japanese

Despite having gone to Cuppage Plaza at least 10 times, I have not finished checking out all the Japanese eateries in Cuppage Plaza. There are just so many! Some of which have very little social presence; One would only know about them if one walked past these shops.

In the case for Keria, I got to know about them through instagram. However, information about them on the net was also very limited. Curious to check out this fairly old izakaya, I got my friend to go with me. Not just once. But twice. Keke. Reservation is a must too!

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), we ordered:-


1) Otoshi, $3.80 (above) – This would be like a compulsory pre-appetiser that’s chargeable at $3.80.

2) Tai shirako with shuto, $15 (above)

3) Natto tempura, $7.90 (above)

4) Porku kushi yaki, $12 (above)

5) Tonkatsu, $15 (above)

6) Tai arani, $18 (above) – This was seriously very good! My friend and I enjoyed the braised fish head very much.

7) Napolitan spaghetti, $12.50 (above) – We ordered this on our second trip after seeing a group of Japanese businessman ordered it during our first visit. It smelled really good, but it’s ultimately a dish with tomato sauce and sausages.

8) Nabeyaki udon, $14.50 (above)

9) Omu rice set, $25 (above) – A case of reality not matching our expectations. Having seen Keria’s video of their omurice, I was expecting a ball of omelette to be placed on top of my rice where I get to slit the omelette open for it to fall nicely and wrap around the rice. Unfortunately, this came simply as omelette wrapped rice. Sob. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the dish where the rice was coated with tomato sauce.

Would I recommend Keria? I would. It’s a cosy izakaya with a wide range of affordably priced food. And for seating arrangement, one could state one’s preference for table, counter or tatami seats.

5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #B1-28, Singapore
6733 0654, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 01:00
Ambience: 6
Value: 7
Service: 6
* Closed on Sun

Dinner @ Mikoto Singapore

April 27, 2017 in Japanese

It has been a while since I last met up with my buddy. Also known as my yakitori-buddy on my food blog. Keke. And this time round, we were off to explore a new izakaya instead of yakitori joint.

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3), we ordered:-

1) Otoshi, $5 (above) – It’s mentioned on the menu that otoshi (appetiser) was charged to every head. So it’s like a compulsory appetiser. And for this, we were served celery with tuna.

2) Cod roe & cheese, $14 (above) – When this was served, we didn’t have much expectation. But don’t be fooled by its simple presentation. This was absolutely delightful. It’s crazy how the 3 salty ingredients (cod roe, brie cheese and cracker) complemented one another without being too salty. And the cracker, which I suspected is Ritz, was warmed too. Talk about details! A must try.

3) Assorted appetizer (6 kinds), $15 (above)

4) Assorted sashimi (6 kinds), $20 (above) – I was impressed by the quality of the sashimi with the exception of tuna. Its quality was pretty good for an izakaya.

5) Buta tama, $10 (above) – Stir-fried pork and egg omelette on a bed of shredded cabbage, drizzled with lots of too much mayonnaise.

6) Chicken nannban, $6 (above) – Fried chicken with tartar sauce. We were shocked at its visual. Pink tartar sauce? What. We figured the colour was from the pickled pink radish used in the tartar sauce. And I didn’t like the batter. The colour was non-appetising. I was expecting it to be fried to a shade of golden brown. But beneath the thick batter was tender and juicy meat. I enjoyed the fried chicken better without the batter.


7) Champon, $18 (above) – Nagasaki ramen. We agreed it wasn’t the typical ramen because of the noodle. And my yakitori-buddy said this was the perfect dish for hangover. Ha. Now, that wouldn’t be surprising since we were dining at an izakaya after all.

8) Suntory premium molt’s, $32 (jug) (above) – We decided to get a jug instead of going by the glass because it was more economical that way. I texted my yakitori-buddy before dinner that I needed a drink cause of work stress, and he took my words very literally. Ha.

If one asks me for recommendation, Mikoto is not an eatery that’s on the top of my list since I know of other restaurants in Robertson Quay where I had more memorable dining experiences. But I won’t discourage one to dine at Mikoto since my yakitori-buddy and I enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

In fact, for diners who want to drink more than eat, Mikoto has a pretty good deal. On the menu, 2-hours and 3-hours free flow drink are offered. Price for 2 hours ranging from $55 to $58 and 3 hours’ ranging from $65 to $68. And for both packages, diners would also be served 6 dishes to go with the drinks.

60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-12, Singapore
6235 5277, Website, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon – Thu : 17:30 – 23:00
Ambience: 6
Fri – Sun : 17:00 – 04:00
Value: 7
Service: 7

Dinner @ Donpachi Sake Bar 本家呑八

April 11, 2017 in Japanese

I was on instagram when pictures of an izakaya piqued my interest. However, the pictures were geo-tagged to Cuppage Plaza and not to the eatery. Determined to hunt down the place, I put on my ‘Sherlock Holmes’ hat. Haha. Thankfully, I managed to find the name to this low-profile izakaya. Yes, Donpachi Sake Bar. And what came next was like a reflex action; I immediately shared with my IGGF (InstaGram GirlFriend) news of my newly-found eatery and asked if she was keen in checking out Donpachi with me. And she was keen! Yeah.

Donpachi’s operating hours starting at 8pm was a real blessing for me because I don’t get to leave office early these days. And I would feel guilty if it had to come from me to suggest eating late cause I know my IGGF prefers starting early. Keke.

And with that, reservation was made for a Friday night. And yes, for 8pm.

On the day of our dinner, my IGGF and I met at Somerset MRT station before making our way over to Cuppage Plaza. However, even though we were armed with the address of Donpachi, we stood outside of the unit unsure if we were at the correct place. I mean, I knew Donpachi was a low profile izakaya. But it can’t be to the extent of having no signage… Erm, right?

In the midst of our uncertainty, I decided to peek through the door gap. To which, we confirmed we were at the correct place when I saw chef inside. Ha!

And from the dinner menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), we ordered:-

1) Oyster pickled in olive oil, $4.50 (above) – When my IGGF wanted to order this, I told her to order just 1. I was pretty sure I haven’t gotten over my phobia for oysters. But a (brave) bite of this dish under much coaxing by my IGGF showed that I should always ‘give it a try’. The oyster was seasoned very well. No fishy taste, and its texture was very smooth. Nice.

2) Maguro yamakake, $8 (above) – This confirmed my theory that one should stick to ordering sashimi in restaurants (ie, sushi-ya) and not at bars.

3) Smoked daikon marinated in cream cheese, $8 (above) – There were pickled pieces of radish too which introduced crunch to the dish. I really like this.

4) Geso age, $8 (above)

5) Jakonegi tofu, $8 (above) – I am not one to order tofu salad, but this was surprisingly good. Paired with leek sauce, I liked the addition of fried baby fish which added savouriness to an otherwise bland dish.

6) Chicken liver paste, $12 (above)

7) Raisin marinated in sake lees, $8 (above) – Sake lees (sakekasu) is the byproduct of sake-making process. And it was fascinating this tasted like rum and raisin flavoured cream cheese. And because it tasted like rum and raisin, this felt like a dessert dish to me.

8) Tenpura teishoku, $24 (above) – Not too bad. Pretty impressive considering it’s food served in a bar. The batter didn’t turned soggy even though my IGGF and I took a while to finish.

9) Saba, $9 (above) – This was good. Grilled to perfection, this was meaty and juicy.

10) Sake (warm), $21 (above) – Warm sake seemed to be Donpachi’s speciality. We ordered twice and were given 2 types of sake to try. Have a specific sake to try? Just point to one of the bottles on the shelves or let chef decide!

11) Beer, $13 – Wished I had a better picture for posting on my blog. I was busy chatting with my IGGF and took a little too long to shift attention to my beer. By the time I wanted to take picture of my beer, the beautiful layer white foam had subsided much. And by ordering a glass of beer (without referring to the menu), one was served Premium Malt’s by default.

I definitely recommend Donpachi for their wide range of purse-friendly (warm) sake and yummy finger food to go with the drinks.

But don’t expect much of the interior decor. It’s done up very simply. But it’s that which I liked about the place. It was cozy and warm. Take the counter seats to watch chef, with his signature straw fedora hat, prepare the drinks. Seated directly in front of the hot bath machine, I noticed how careful he was in ensuring the sake was served at the optimal temperature.

And oh, I was surprised when chef walked us to the door when we left the place. I wasn’t expecting that, but was glad as it reminded me much of the great hospitality of Japanese. Especially since it has only been slightly over a month since I returned from Japan.

5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #B1-23, Singapore
9667 3659, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 20:00 – 04:00
Ambience: 6
Value: 7
Service: 7
* Closed on Sun