Dinner @ Sushi Kimura [Revisit]

November 11, 2018 in Japanese

My first meal at Sushi Kimura was in 2017. That’s when they were still in their first month of operation and before they were awarded 1 Michelin star. So when my siao-on instagram foodie friends (who are also big fans of chef-owner Tomoo Kimura) suggested heading to Sushi Kimura for dinner, I was up for it. One could also say I was curious; From the photographs which others posted of Sushi Kimura on instagram, the food was looking better with time.

Being a group of 5 and only wanting head chef Tomoo san, our first preferred date for dinner was not available. So yes, one should plan in advanced if coming in big group and wish to have head chef Tomoo san.

Though not late for our dinner appointment, I was the last in our group to reach the restaurant. And of course my ‘siao on’-sters had already placed order since we dined together often enough to know we would all be going for the omakase menu (I am assuming they ordered Oribe, $330). And with that, we started our dinner with:-

1) Dish #1 (above) – Salmon roe (ikura), tofu skin (yuba) and dashi jelly.

2) Dish #2 (above, left) – Steamed egg (chawanmushi) with Hokkaido hairy crab and Hokkaido sweet corn.


3) Dish #3 (above) – Abalone (awabi) with sauce made with its liver. And to clean up the remaining liver sauce properly, we were given a spoonful of sushi rice (shari). However, I didn’t know we would be given rice and had scarped clean whatever that’s left of the sauce with my fork. Oops. But thankfully head chef Tomoo san given me additional sauce. Yeah! Haha.


4) Dish #4 (above) – Autumn’s seasonal vegetables with sashimi assortment of grouper, blue marlin (kajiki), giant clam (ishigakigai) and spotted prawn (botan ebi). It was a funny lame moment when I went “so pretty” as head chef Tomoo san placed the ishigakigai on my plate and my friend responded with “imagine if a guy say you are as pretty as an ishigakigai.” (^^|||)

5) Dish #5 (above) – Binchotan grilled pacific saury (sanma), green pepper and edamame.

6) Dish #6 (above) – Salmon roe in sac (sujiko), violet sea urchin (murasaki uni) from Yoichi, short spine urchin (bafun uni) from Hamanaka and crisp seaweed.

7) Dish #7 (above) – Mozuku seaweed, jellyfish, Hokkaido swimmer crab in sweet vinegar sauce.


8) Dish #8 (above) – Nigiri sushi assortment of 3 year old yellow tail (inada), striped jack (shima aji), striped bonnito (hagatsuo), marinated tuna (akami zuke), ‘binchotan coal’ seared premium tuna belly (aburi otoro), unicorn leatherjacket (usuba-hagi) with its liver, pacific saury (sanma), barracuda (kamas), salmon roe in sac (sujiko) and cuttlefish (ika). It’s also to note of the pieces served, 3 were ordered as extra pieces (sanma, sujiko and ika). And I really enjoyed the aburi otoro. It’s interesting how head chef Tomoo san used a few thinly sliced otoro instead of a thick slice. Yum.


9) Dish #9 (above) – Instead of the signature rice bowl, we were given hand roll. And for the cut of tuna, we were told it’s from the flesh right by the red muscle (chiai-gishi maguro).

10) Dish #10 (above) – Soup.

11) Dish #11 (above) – Egg omelette (tamago).

12) Dish #12 (above) – Homemade red bean paste and rice cake (mochi) which we were to eat with the wafer biscuit (monaka), grape and musk melon.

It was a great dinner at 1 Michelin star Sushi Kimura. Nothing beat the fun company of my siao-on instagram foodie friends. In fact, I was a little apologetic to the other customers because we were slightly noisy whilst communicating among ourselves and with the very friendly head chef Tomoo san.

And with the few extra items ordered, dinner came up to a total of $380 (per head).

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #01-07, Singapore
6734 3520, Website, Facebook
Overall: 8
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Tue – Sun : 12:00 – 15:00 (Lunch)
Ambience: 8
Tue – Sun : 19:00 – 22:00 (Dinner)
Value: 7
Service: 8
* Closed on Mon

Dinner @ Ryo Sushi

June 23, 2018 in Japanese

When Ryo Sushi first opened its door in September 2016, my IGGF (InstaGram GirlFriend) said we should hurry down to try their opening special menu which was a 10-course priced very affordably and attractively at $18 but limited to the first 18 customers. However, the thing about me is that I prefer regular menus. So Ryo Sushi ended up on my restaurants-to-try list… For 1.5 years. Oops. Out of sight area, out of mind lah. Cause shortly after Ryo Sushi opened at Orchid Hotel, my office shifted out of Tanjong Pagar.

And the reason why Ryo Sushi returned back to my radar was because a foodie friend, whom I recently befriended on instagram, was also interested to check out Ryo Sushi. Yeah. And let’s call my new friend IGBP (InstaGram Bottomless Pit). Haha. But making the reservation was tricky. Tripadvisor reviews mentioned Ryo Sushi’s booking system was atrocious. And it’s claimed that one stand a higher chance of securing seats if it’s mentioned in the reservation call that one is getting the most expensive menu ($98).

In our first attempt, I called at 11.30pm and was told that they only accept reservation 1 month in advanced. In our second attempt, I called at 10.30pm but my call was not picked up. In our third attempt, I called at 10am. Thankfully they answered my morning call because I was making reservation to have dinner on the same day.

I was informed they were fully booked that night for all 3 seatings (6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm). The staff put us on the waiting list instead, and I was informed later at 3.30pm that we were confirmed for 6pm seating. Which honestly, it’s hard for me to comprehend how they managed to squeeze out 2 seats when they said they were full house when I called earlier. Was it pure coincidence that someone cancelled their reservation or was it really work of the magic words “we are ordering the $98 set”. But in any case, IGBP and I were thrilled to get our reservation confirmed.

And we started our dinner with:-

1) 18-course sea urchin menu, $98 comprised of:-

(A) Dish #1 (above) – Edamame.

(B) Dish #2 (above, left) – Hijiki seaweed salad.

(C) Dish #3 (above) – Truffled onsen egg with salmon roe.


(D) Dish #4 (above) – Sushi assortment of flounder (hirame) with pink Himalayan salt, snapper (matai), squid, scallop with kombu crumble and a dash of fresh lime, striped jack (shima-aji) with citrus and pepper, big-eye snapper (kinmedai), prawn (namba ebi), marinated tuna (maguro zyke) with yuzu zest, medium fatty tuna (chutoro) with soya foam, salmon roe, and sea urchin (bafun uni).

(E) Dish #5 (above) – Crab hand roll. And I liked the attention to small details; Chef Louis added (3 to 4) slits to the seaweed before passing us the hand roll. The slits made it easier for eating.

(F) Dish #6 (above) – Super mini rice bowl of sea urchin (bafun uni) and salmon roe.

(G) Dish #7 (above) – Miso soup.

I went to Ryo Sushi with no expectation and I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed the dining experience. Don’t expect top quality for the sushi topping (neta) since we get what we pay for. But the sushi was pretty good. Although chef Louis could use less “thank you so much”. A “thank you so much” would follow after his every introduction of the sushi. Hmm…

And while I was having my dinner, I noticed everyone but one was having the $98 menu. So one could still get reservation with the $68 menu (which is also 11-course, but without sea urchin). The $18 menu is only for walks-in which I personally think would be quite hard to get unless one try to walk in during lunch. And for lunch service, Ryo Sushi also offered a $38 menu in addition to the $68 and $98 menus.

Do I recommend Ryo Sushi? I certainly do. But I hope one’s experience won’t be marred by the reservation process before the actual meal.

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #01-06, Singapore
6443 3463, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 11:45 – 14:45 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 8
Service: 7
* Closed on Sun

Lunch @ Ki-Sho [Revisit]

March 17, 2018 in Japanese

After a re-visit to Saint Pierre, I decided to re-visit Ki-Sho next. And my string of re-visits should be surprising since it’s known (by now that) I prefer checking out new eateries. Just saying. Keke. But I guess one can say I was curious about Ki-sho’s lunch menu. And because Ki-sho only does lunch service on weekdays, I only managed to drop by when I applied leave to extend the long (Christmas) weekend longer. Haha.

I arrived at the restaurant punctually for my 1pm reservation. And from the lunch menu, I ordered:-

1) Taihaku, $250 comprised of:-

(A) Dish #1 (above) – Seaweed with ark shell, scallop and vegetables.

(B) Dish #2 (above, left) – Yellow tail (buri).

(C) Dish #3 (above) – Crab, tofu, sea urchin, mushroom, lotus root and salmon roe (ikura) with dashi vinegar jelly.

(D) Dish #4 (above) – Tilefish (amadai) with its scales fried to crisp and battered baby yam from Kyoto served in yuzu-plum sauce.


(E) Dish #5 (above) – It’s stated on the menu that the $250 course includes 8 pieces of nigiri sushi, 1 aburi otoro sushi and 1 aburi hida beef sushi. Mine had a slight variation since I don’t eat beef. For my 8 pieces, I was served lean tuna (akami), Spanish macakarel, striped jack (shima aji), spotted prawn (botan ebi), medium fatty tuna (chutoro), premium fatty tuna (otoro), charcoal-grilled (aburi) black throat sea perch (nodoguro) and sea urchin. As for the beef, it was replaced with tuna-yolk-urchin which I honestly enjoyed very much. However, it was disappointing that while I was seated at the correct half of the counter where head chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto stood, my sushi was made by chef Tohru san instead. I wasn’t aware there was more than 1 chef in-charge of the food, especially sushi making, since there was only chef Hamamoto san when I previously came for dinner.

(F) Dish #6 (above) – Rice bowl of chopped spotted prawn (botan ebi), tuna, salmon roe and sea urchin.

(G) Dish #7 (above) – Soup with sesame-soy tofu.


(H) Dish #8 (above) – Warabi mochi, matcha chocolate, wafer with ice cream within and musk melon.

Was I happy with my lunch at Ki-sho? Well… It was a good meal. But I ain’t going to lie. I arrived with the expectation that I would be served by chef Hamamoto as with my previous meal at Ki-Sho. So I was disappointed when I wasn’t. I guess I need to be very specific in my future reservations.

And because I was sitting beside a group who went for the $450 omakase, I left the restaurant regretting having not opted for the more expensive course. My neighbours were served precious ingredients like 1-week aged wild caught baby tuna (meiji) and wild caught ‘lost bonito’ (mayoi katsuo). Of course, one wouldn’t know what seasonal ingredients the restaurant have for the day. But ah… I couldn’t help but feel it was such a waste. It’s not everyday that one get to eat such rare delicacy even if one goes for the $450 omakase. Sob.

29 Scotts Road, Singapore
6733 5251, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon – Sat : 12:00 – 14:00 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:30 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 7
Service: 7
* Closed on Sun