Dinner @ Teppei Japanese Restaurant

August 24, 2018 in Japanese

I had wanted to try Teppei Japanese Restaurant for the longest time ever. Definitely more than 5 years. But I gave up because it was so difficult to secure a reservation. If my memory didn’t fail me, Teppei released seats quarterly then. And once the phone line was opened, seats were snapped up within minutes. It’s even read that some would queue at the restaurant just to make reservation. I kid you not. But of course, that had since changed. To make reservation now, one would do it on Teppei’s website.

And what could be to allow as many different people to dine at Teppei, one is limited to 1 booking per month. Reservation could only be made 1 month in advanced too. Credit card detail was required where USD50 would be charged per guest in the event of no show or if one cancelled reservation with less than 48 hours notice. Yeah… it’s quite odd that was USD50 rather than S$50.

Between 6.30pm and 8.30pm, we booked ourselves for the second seating. And on the day of dinner, my friends and I arrived at the restaurant by 8.20pm. With only 1 menu, we started our ($80 menu) dinner with:-

1) Dish #1 (above) – Assortment of appetisers.

2) Dish #2 (above) – Sashimi platter.

3) Dish #3 (above) – Steamed egg (chawanmushi).

4) Dish #4 (above) – Handroll containing minced tuna, salmon roe and tempura flakes. I like the addition of tempura flakes for the crunch although I was sad to see a shorter roll given to ladies. Though true, females generally have smaller appetite compared to males. But still… The staff must had noticed my disappointment because they gave me a second roll. But not without teasing us by giving a rolled-up piece of seaweed first. Errr…

5) Dish #5 (above) – Sea grapes.

6) Dish #6 (above) – Abalone.

7) Dish #7 (above) – Foie gras and onsen egg.

8) Dish #8 (above) – Snapper in blue cheese sauce.

9) Dish #9 (above) – Mantis shrimp.

10) Dish #10 (above) – Fried water crab.

11) Dish #11 (above) – Mackerel, crab meat and baby corn wrapped in (edible) leaf.

12) Dish #12 (above) – Strawberry.

13) Dish #13 (above) – Ice plant.

14A) Dish #14 (above) – Grilled beef.

14B) Dish #14 (above) – And because I don’t take beef, I was given grilled pork instead.

15) Dish #15 (above) – Melon.

16) Dish #16 (above) – Salmon broth with somen.

And halfway through our dinner, the staff went round with a menu where we were to choose our choice of main and ice cream flavour.

17) Dish #17 with options of:-

(A) Uni fried rice (above) – And for my choice of main, I went with sea urchin fried rice. And it was literally sea urchin on fried rice. Quite a bumper because I actually expected rice fried with sea urchin.

(B) Sashimi rice don (above) – And ironically, it’s this dish that has sea urchin mixed with the rice.

(C) Unagi chazuke (above)

18) Dish #18 (above) – Ice cream. With 8 flavours, I chose sakura from the menu.

Prior to dinner, I read Teppei would sometimes serve exotic ingredients (think insect) for the omakase, so I was mentally prepared. But while we didn’t have any for our meal (phew), no one mentioned Teppei would feed us for some of the dishes. Gasp. And we were fed not just once, but twice! The foie gras and the mantis shrimp dishes. Customers at the corner seats had it harder. Because they are not within staff arm’s reach, the staff used a toy claw to hold the spoon in order to feed them. Double gasp.

Teppei tried to come across as a cosy restaurant with a fun, relaxed atmosphere. They certainly delivered cosy since we were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. But unfortunately, they failed quite badly at being fun. Their attempts of delivering jokes and even pranks were half-hearted. They really should had executed them enthusiastically. So yeah, interaction between staff and customers was just awkward instead.

Would I recommend Teppei? Well… Not really. They used to be famous for their really affordable omakase then. But these days, there’re several places which offer equally affordable omakase.

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #01-18, Singapore
6222 7363, Facebook
Overall: 6
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon – Sat : 11:45 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 5
Mon – Sat : 18:30 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 7
Service: 6
* Closed on Sun

Dinner @ Ryo Sushi | Sushi Restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

June 23, 2018 in Japanese

When Ryo Sushi first opened its door in September 2016, my IGGF (InstaGram GirlFriend) said we should hurry down to try their opening special menu which was a 10-course priced very affordably and attractively at $18 but limited to the first 18 customers. However, the thing about me is that I prefer regular menus. So Ryo Sushi ended up on my restaurants-to-try list… For 1.5 years. Oops. Out of sight area, out of mind lah. Cause shortly after Ryo Sushi opened at Orchid Hotel, my office shifted out of Tanjong Pagar.

And the reason why Ryo Sushi returned back to my radar was because a foodie friend, whom I recently befriended on instagram, was also interested to check out Ryo Sushi. Yeah. And let’s call my new friend IGBP (InstaGram Bottomless Pit). Haha. But making the reservation was tricky. Tripadvisor reviews mentioned Ryo Sushi’s booking system was atrocious. And it’s claimed that one stand a higher chance of securing seats if it’s mentioned in the reservation call that one is getting the most expensive menu ($98).

In our first attempt, I called at 11.30pm and was told that they only accept reservation 1 month in advanced. In our second attempt, I called at 10.30pm but my call was not picked up. In our third attempt, I called at 10am. Thankfully they answered my morning call because I was making reservation to have dinner on the same day.

I was informed they were fully booked that night for all 3 seatings (6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm). The staff put us on the waiting list instead, and I was informed later at 3.30pm that we were confirmed for 6pm seating. Which honestly, it’s hard for me to comprehend how they managed to squeeze out 2 seats when they said they were full house when I called earlier. Was it pure coincidence that someone cancelled their reservation or was it really work of the magic words “we are ordering the $98 set”. But in any case, IGBP and I were thrilled to get our reservation confirmed.

And we started our dinner with:-

1) 18-course sea urchin menu, $98 comprised of:-

(A) Dish #1 (above) – Edamame.

(B) Dish #2 (above, left) – Hijiki seaweed salad.

(C) Dish #3 (above) – Truffled onsen egg with salmon roe.


(D) Dish #4 (above) – Sushi assortment of flounder (hirame) with pink Himalayan salt, snapper (matai), squid, scallop with kombu crumble and a dash of fresh lime, striped jack (shima-aji) with citrus and pepper, big-eye snapper (kinmedai), prawn (namba ebi), marinated tuna (maguro zyke) with yuzu zest, medium fatty tuna (chutoro) with soya foam, salmon roe, and sea urchin (bafun uni).

(E) Dish #5 (above) – Crab hand roll. And I liked the attention to small details; Chef Louis added (3 to 4) slits to the seaweed before passing us the hand roll. The slits made it easier for eating.

(F) Dish #6 (above) – Super mini rice bowl of sea urchin (bafun uni) and salmon roe.

(G) Dish #7 (above) – Miso soup.

I went to Ryo Sushi with no expectation and I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed the dining experience. Don’t expect top quality for the sushi topping (neta) since we get what we pay for. But the sushi was pretty good. Although chef Louis could use less “thank you so much”. A “thank you so much” would follow after his every introduction of the sushi. Hmm…

And while I was having my dinner, I noticed everyone but one was having the $98 menu. So one could still get reservation with the $68 menu (which is also 11-course, but without sea urchin). The $18 menu is only for walks-in which I personally think would be quite hard to get unless one try to walk in during lunch. And for lunch service, Ryo Sushi also offered a $38 menu in addition to the $68 and $98 menus.

Do I recommend Ryo Sushi? I certainly do. But I hope one’s experience won’t be marred by the reservation process before the actual meal.

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #01-06, Singapore
6443 3463, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 11:45 – 14:45 (Lunch)
Ambience: 6
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 8
Service: 7
* Closed on Sun

Dinner @ Royz Et Vous

October 23, 2017 in European (cafe)

It was another after-work dinner with my colleagues. And with my Muslim colleagues’ recommendation, we were off to Royz Et Vous.

Reservation could be made easily on their website. And reservation is a must. The cafe was fully packed when my colleagues and I arrived on a Wednesday evening. And in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting the cafe to be such a hit. Though I soon understood why (it was so popular) after our dinner.

And from the dinner menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4), we ordered:-

1) Fried mushrooms, $13.90 (above) – Tempura battered wild mushroom served with truffle mayo. This was seriously good! Couldn’t stop reaching out for it.

2) Buffalo wings, $14.90 (above) – Deep fried marinated chicken wings tossed in house made buffalo sauce with a side of sour cream.

3) Wagyu beef burger, $28.90 (above) – 200gm wagyu beef patty cooked to desired doneness with melted cheddar & mozzarella, turkey bacon, coral lettuce, tomatoes, onion pickles, honey mustard sauce on brioche bun accompanied with a side of fries and salad.

4) Herb crusted salmon, $24.90 (above) – Grilled salmon fillet with herb breadcrumbs, fine green beans, roasted vegetables & mango sauce.

5) Fish & chips, $18.90 (above) – Tempura battered New Zealand blue hake & fries served with side salad & tartar sauce.

6) Grilled chicken, $18.90 (above) – Roasted chicken thigh marinated in Asian inspired glaze with beans, roasted potatoes & carrots, turkey bacon cream sauce.

7) Brazen beef, $32.90 (above) – Grilled striploin cooked to desired doneness served with fries, side salad & chilli aioli.

8) Signature prawn & crayfish pasta, $19.90 (above) – Sauteed prawns, crayfish in home-made chilli cream sauce.

9) Mango snowball, $6.90 (above) – Mango sorbet served with berries.

10) Panna cotta, $9.90 (above) – Mango flavoured panna cotta and hazelnut granola.

11) Molten lava cake, $12.90 (above) – Oozy chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream. This was really good. A must order.

12) Mochatto cake, $14.90 (above) – Oozy chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream and a double shot of REV espresso shot.

13) Caffe latte, $5 (above)

Having started to try a few Halal-certified cafes with my colleagues, Royz Et Vous certainly impressed. In fact, I’ll be really honest. It’s actually the first Halal-certified eatery that I would recommend even to non-Muslim for the food. Cosy ambience, delectable food, pretty reasonable prices and friendly staff.

137 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Singapore
6293 0270, Website, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Thur : 11:00 – 22:00
Ambience: 6
Fri : 11:00 – 23:00
Value: 6
Sat : 12:00 – 23:00
Service: 7
Sun : 12:00 – 22:00