Dinner @ Sushi 27 鮨二七 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

September 23, 2018 in Japanese

So when I flew to Taiwan in August 2018, I chose to fly into Kaohsiung instead of Taipei. The main reason was really because the flight ticket was cheaper. $150 difference kie… But of course, I was happy to fly into Kaohsiung since I wanted to visit Sushi 27.

Reservation was made by dropping the restaurant a message on Facebook. During which, I was informed there was 2 menus; Business lunch (商業午餐, NT$1800) and chef’s menu (主廚套餐, NT$3800). I was also informed to give the restaurant a call upon my arrival in Taiwan to re-confirm my reservation else it would be cancelled. To make the call wasn’t a problem since I got myself a SIM card in Taiwan.

It was a 30 minutes journey by MRT followed by a 15 minutes by foot from Kaohsiung International Airport to Sushi 27. And since I pre-selected my menu, I started my omakase lunch (NT$3800) with:-

Photographs posted according to sequence of dishes served

My lunch experience at Sushi 27 fell short of my high expectation which was built up from the raves by some pretty-known instagrammers.

I guess the main reason of the lacklustre meal was because head chef Chen Wei-Jen wasn’t in. The sushi made by sous chef was really bad; It threatened to break apart every time I picked it up with my fingers. I had to be really gentle and careful. And fast too. Uh huh. It was a race to put the sushi into my mouth.

And after having read so much about head chef Chen’s saba-bozushi, I left the restaurant even more disappointed as it was not available. I was told it wasn’t prepared because there were only 4 people during my lunch seating. Sigh.

But I’ll be honest… I will still head back to Sushi 27 when I return to Kaohsiung. But that’s only because I really want to try head chef Chen’s sushi. And yes, his saba bozushi too. I guess I just have to make sure he is in when I return. And my meal came up to NT$4180 after tax and service charge.

SUSHI 27 鮨二七
No. 27, Yongming Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
+886 7 211 9262, Website, Facebook
Overall: 6.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon, Wed – Sun : 12:00 – 14:30
Ambience: 7
Mon, Wed – Sun : 18:00 – 22:00
Value: 6
Service: 7
* Closed on Tues