Dinner @ Saint Pierre

August 10, 2016 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

And so, after celebrating my friend’s birthday, mine was next in line. Yeah! Haha. And because I haven’t had French cuisine in a long while, I decided to go with Saint Pierre.

And this would be my third time dining at Saint Pierre. The first was lunch when they started out at Magazine Road, and second being brunch when they moved to Quayside Isle (Sentosa). So one can say it’s only natural that I had to have dinner at Saint Pierre, especially after they relocated (yet again) to One Fullerton. =p

Reservation was made via Chope. And in my reservation, I indicated it was to celebrate my birthday. I know, it’s a little thick skin having to arrange my own birthday dinner. Haha. But my friends know how I am like; That I like deciding where to go next from my to-try list.

For those arriving by car, try to park near Lift Lobby 3 at One Fullerton’s basement car park as it will take one straight up to Level 2 where Saint Pierre is located at.

My friend and I were greeted by the staff who was standing by at the entrance. And I was glad we were given a corner table just right by the full-height window. It gave us a perfect view of Marina Bay Sands, including Louis Vuitton Island Maison. In fact, halfway through our dinner at 9.30pm, we caught laser beams from Marina Bay Sands. But of course, we were too far to witness the Light & Water Show.


Once we were seated, the staff pushed a trolley of beverages and asked if we wanted to start with any wines, champagne or juices. My friend chose nectar juice ($14) from an assortment which included tomato, peach, apple, strawberry and orange. After which, we were presented with pre-appetisers. Yes, pre-appetisers before we were handed the menu.

And pre-appetisers included la tomate d’amour (stuffed cherry tomato, vanilla and lime zest), le saumon betterave (beetroot salmon graviax wasabi cream), la sardine (marinated sardine, olive sandwich), opera de foie gras (home made foie gras terrine with cherry marmelade), celeri pomme verte remoulade (celeriac and green apple salad, cream & mustard dressing) and bonbon avocat/coriandre (avocado and coriander cream dip in tomato.

And from the dinner set menu (pages 1, 2), we ordered:-


1) Bread, Complimentary (above) – Besides being presented with a bread platter of mini baguette, milk bread and rosemary brioche, the staff gave us additional options of sourdough and fig bread. I went with the former. Although I didn’t manage to ask, I am pretty sure the sourdough was wholegrain. And I seriously loved their freshly baked bread! While the seaweed butter was interesting, it was the French salted butter that’s my favourite. It went extremely well with the sourdough.

2) Pre-appetiser, Complimentary (above) – Potato espuma served with soft-boiled egg and truffle.

3) Grand Earth, $188 comprised of:-

(A) Tomato (above) – Vanilla oil marinated Japanese momotaro tomato with coriander oil, balsamic vinegar sorbet and cashew nut papadum.

(B) Crab (above) – Dashi poached live Alaskan king crab with ginger infused roasted cauliflower puree, wild tarragon, cream fraiche, brioche and ikura.

(C) Scallop (above) – Soy-seared hand-dived Hokkaido scallop tartare with herb coulis, new harvest oscietra caviar and grated preserved egg yolk.

(D) Lobster (above) – Grilled Atlantic lobster ravioli revisited with veal jus braised celeriac, wild girolle mushroom, black winter truffle and foam of lobster bisque.

(E) Artichoke (above) – Crispy stuffed purple artichoke with turmeric sauce, herb crust, pine nuts and marigold leaf.

(F) Cod (above) – Coal-grilled white miso Atlantic cod flakes with caramelised fennel puree, oxtail consomme, fresh pea and chitose corn.

(G) Lamb (above) – roasted lamb saddle with sweetbread stuffing, confit of baby yellow squash and smoked tomato coulis.


(H) Pigeon (above) – Roasted pigeon breast with coffee dust, celeriac, chocolate armagnac marinated cherries, pigeon legs in foie gras ballotine, bacon and coffee emulsion. Having not eaten pigeon in a while, I forgot to check on how the pigeon was going to be cooked. It’s a personal preference to have it well done. If not, medium well. So when the pigeon was served medium, I was a little disappointed. I don’t like my pigeon too bloody.

(I) Palate cleanser (above) – Poured into a cup from a tea flask, palate cleanser was in the form of soup. Didn’t manage to catch the staff’s introduction of this, but its taste reminded me of a diet soup which I tried many years before. Haha. Of cabbage, onion and ground pepper.

(J) Strawberry (above) – Hibiscus-lemongrass extraction with strawberry emulsion, strawberry sorbet and basil. Comprised of layers of different textures, do ‘dig’ deep as there’s popping sugar at the bottom.


(K) Chocolate (above) – This was supposed to be a manjari chocolate sphere with a centre of passion fruit caramel and tahiti vanilla parfait. But because dinner was to celebrate my birthday, we were treated to a performance where the staff placed a glass panel on our table before continuing to plate our dessert. Our gigantic chocolate sphere didn’t last long though. It melted shortly after warm chocolate was poured over it. I am sorry but I don’t quite understand what-seem-to-be the recent trend of melting the chocolate sphere in front of customers. So while I appreciate the restaurant’s effort in making the dessert special, I guess I would have been happier if I was just given a candle cause the chocolate portion was very messy to eat.

(L) Petit fours (above) – Observed from neighbouring table, the staff would push a trolley filled with goodies for one to choose. However, for mine, a collection of 6 was included in my ‘special dessert’.

4) Nature, $148 comprised of:-

(A) TomatoVanilla oil marinated Japanese momotaro tomato with coriander oil, balsamic vinegar sorbet and cashew nut papadum.

(B) Winter melon (above) – Soy-marinated and braised organic winter melon tartare with herb coulis, pickled purple radish and grated preserved egg yolk.

(C) Truffle (above) – Cep mushroom ravioli with wild girolle mushroom, black winter truffle and smoked celeriac jus.

(D) Corn (above) – Coal-grilled chitose corn with caramelised fennel puree, fresh pea and seaweed stock.

(E) Garden (above) – Texture of jerusalem artichoke with baby leek, heirloom carrot and pumpkin seeds.

(F) Palate cleanser

(G) Chocolate – My friend’s was combined with my ‘special birthday dessert’. However, while his set menu only entitled him to 1 dessert, the restaurant gave him the other dessert of ‘Strawberry’ too.

5) Coffee, $12.50

Dinner was great. There’s always something charming about longer established restaurants, which I know I can count on for a beautiful dining experience. From food, to service, and to ambience.


And as we made our way out of the restaurant (immediately) after settling the bill, we were surprised when the staff quickly came up to us with a box of sweets and stationery. We were caught off guard, but one can’t deny the nice intention behind the tokens. Especially after reading head chef Emmanuel’s message.

Will I recommend Saint Pierre? Definitely!

1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton, #02-02B, Singapore
6438 0887, Website, Facebook
Overall: 8.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon – Fri : 11:30 – 15:00 (Lunch)
Ambience: 9
Mon – Sat : 18:30 – 23:00 (Dinner)
Value: 8
Service: 9
* Closed on Sun

UPDATE 1: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2017.
UPDATE 2: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2018.