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October 16, 2014 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

I have long heard about Kki sweets, but I missed my chance when they moved out from Ann Siang before I could visit. So when they reopened at School Of The Arts (SOTA), I made sure I was quick in making a visit. Well, many visits. Keke.

SOTA is just beside The Cathay which means Kki Sweets is within walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Walk up the long flight of stairs to reach level 2 where Kki is located at. They are at the end nearer to PoMo.

Upon entering the beautiful space, do wait in line for one’s turn to order the cake. After which, the staff will assign a table. My favorite got to be table no. 4!

And from the display shelf, I ordered:-

1) Nao, $9.80 (above) – Strawberry mousse with pistachio.

2) Onigiri, $9 (above) – Basil milk mousse with blood orange.

3) Antoinette, $8.80 (above) – White chocolate mousse with mango.

4) Cafe dumo, $9.80 (above) – Milk chocolate coffee mousse.

5) Fromage melon, $8.80 (above) – Cheese mousse with rock melon.

6) Tiramisu, $9.80 (above) – Mascarpone cheese mousse with kahlua. Contains alcohol.

7) L.R.R.H, $9.80 (above) – Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry.

8) Mont blanc, $9.80 (above) – Chestnut paste with fresh crème on almond tart base.

9) Kinabaru, $8.80 (above) – Coconut mousse with passionfruit.

10) Latte, $4.80 (above)

11) Green tea (Tsugaru), $4.80 (above) – Apple flavored. Asked for a recommendation for their hot tea and was recommended this from their drinks menu. Let the tea leaves soak for 1-2 minutes before enjoying.

And as one can see, I went a little crazy. Haha. When I learnt that they have a total of 12 flavours, I made a pact with myself to conquer all. Ahhh… The things I do to myself my thick waist. Haha. But the quest was sweet as their cakes were delectable, though slightly costly. One small cake set me back by at least $10 after including GST and service charge. But it’s quality over quantity. =)

And in an attempt to complete my quest, I have made 5 trips altogether. Alone and with friends. Of which 1 was take away. Although an ice pack was put within the box, lady boss said the cakes should be consumed as soon as possible.

If one is really interested in trying the cakes and wants to be able to choose from a variety (although the most I saw was 9 flavours at one time), one got to come early. If one is in luck, there may be 1 to 2 flavours left in very limited quantity on a weekday late afternoon (5.30pm). Whereas the cakes sell out by 5pm on weekends even though they do bring out more at around 3pm. Saw them doing that on my most recent visit on Saturday. If not I wouldn’t have been able to buy the ‘mont blanc’. Keke.

I will recommend the cakes at Kki Sweets. Not just for the cakes, but for the ambience. Got to chat a little with the friendly lady boss and learnt a little about the Japanese culture where Japanese would eat their cakes with a cup of tea/coffee. And she advised not to eat more than 2 cakes per visit. If not by the 3rd cake, one can’t taste or appreciate the flavour. This is not a cake buffet, kie! Ha.

Stopped at 9 flavours cause I don’t seem to have much fate with the other 3. I know the 10th flavour is a cheesecake. Do let me know what’s the 11th and 12th flavour! =)

1 Zubir Said Drive, SOTA, #02-01, Singapore
6225 6650, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Tues – Sun : 12:00 – 20:00
Ambience: 7
Value: 7
* Closed on Mon
Service: 7