Dinner @ Buckaroo BBQ & Grill

July 21, 2012 in American by thywhaleliciousfay

I would not have known of this place had it not been for my friend’s recommendation. Buckaroo is nestled inside the estate of private houses, which to me, is really inconvenient unless one drives.

Buckaroo is easily identifiable along the row of terrace houses as we drove up, with its excessive usage of timber for the exterior and usage of green, red, yellow neon lights.

And from the menu, we ordered :-

1) Ranch style crispy fried chicken wings, $15.80 (half dozen) (above) – Wanting our chicken wings crispy, we chose not to go for the buffalo wings. Not too bad. The wings were crispy (not the thick kind of batter) and juicy. Nice!!!

2) Onion rings, $9.80 (regular) (above) – I admit, I ordered this because it’s somewhat interesting that the onion rings were served stacked up in a long pole. Haha. And nothing beats food which is served hot. Nice.

3) Escargot bourguignonne, $16.80 (half dozen) – I felt this was normal. Nothing special.

4) Clam chowder, $9.80 (above) – A big bread is used to hold the soup. And the best way to eat it is really to scoop out the ‘flesh’ of the bread from within, and consume it with the soup. Yes, please do not neglect the bread. It’s such a pity when I saw others touching the soup, but not the bread. The soup is thick and creamy with lots of ingredients.

5) Fish ‘n’ chips , $19.50 (above) – This is absolutely a must order! Buckaroo sure is very generous with the serving. The one slab (Oh yes, I am using the word ‘slab’ instead of ‘piece’) of dory served is thick, juicy and fresh with the batter being thin and crispy. Definitely one of the better fish & chips I have tried.

The service staff are warm and approachable. Will definitely head back to Buckaroo for their clam chowder and fish ‘n’ chips if I am in the area.

12B Andrews Avenue, Singapore
6481 4986, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon, Wed – Sun : 16:00 – 22:30
Ambience: 7
Value: 7
* Closed on Tues
Service: 7

UPDATE: Restaurant has moved to 921 Upper Bukit Timah Road.