Lunch @ JAAN

October 10, 2014 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

Having seen the nicely taken photographs of the food at JAAN on instagram, I was really excited about checking them out. I was particularly interested in their egg dish which used dry ice for the dish presentation. I am a sucker for such. Keke.

However, the 55′ rosemary smoked organic egg is only available in the 7-course menu for dinner. Priced at $238, we decided to go for lunch instead which had the same egg dish but in their more affordable 3-courses ($68) and 5-courses ($118).

Reservation is strongly recommended. When I called, I was told the next available slot for lunch was 3 weeks later. Although when I called a second time to reschedule the lunch appointment, I was able to change it easily to a week later.

And to be honest, I have not been coming to City Hall area. Took me a while to find my way to Swissotel Singapore from City Hall MRT station. Ha. To get to JAAN, one must come from Swissotel main lobby. There’s a lift dedicated for patrons heading to Equinox Complex.

And once we stepped out of the lift, the receptionist for the restaurants at Level 70 checked our booking before leading us to JAAN. As requested in our reservation, we were allocated window table! Yeah. But ladies, please remember to put on sunscreen. (^^lll) Ha.

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), we ordered:-

1) Degustation lunch (5 courses), $118 comprised of:-

(A) Amuse bouche (above) – Rye crackers to go with the Chef Julien Royer’s take of hummus. Made with lentil, auvergne and chestnut paste. And I especially liked the fluffy black sesame sponge and cracker topped with cheese. So good!

(B) Amuse bouche (above) – Oh yes, amuse bouche continued! What I did not manage to capture in picture was the initial presentation where flask containing the mushroom tea and wooden cups of cepes sabayon were placed on a piece of oak. After a detailed explanation, the staff then poured the mushroom tea into the wooden cups. It was a little magical as we watched the contents foamed. And this was so good. It was just so tasty.

(C) Beetroot ‘collection’ (above) – Burratta artigiana, honeycomb, radish. Unfortunately, this was one dish we could not truly appreciate. Not a beetroot fan.

(D) 55′ rosemary smoked organic egg (above) – Ratte potato, chorizo iberico, buckwheat. And the dish that I came for! Eggs made a dramatic entrance with the dry ice effects. Ha. Egg cooked at 64 degrees for 55 minutes to achieve a gooey yolk of vibrant orange. And I admit I got a little distracted (by taking photographs) as the staff explained the content within the glass bowl. And once the explanation was over, the staff poured the egg into our bowl of chorizo iberico, smoked ratte (potato) and toasted buckwheat. And this was so good. Lift up the glass bowl to release the scent of rosemary that’s placed underneath.

(E) Hand dived scallop (above) – Crayfish, cauliflower, miso caramel.

(F) Grilled mangalica pork (above) – Baby girolles, violet artichokes, sherry vinegar.

(G) Black truffled brie de meaux (+ $20, supplement) (above) – Hazelnuts, truffle ice cream. I decided to go for the cheese and was surprised when the staff seemed to have given us a very generous portion for 1 that easily fed my girlfriend and I. Brie cheese with sandwiched filing of hazelnut and black truffle, toasted poilane (sourdough) and black truffle ice cream.

(H) Palate cleanser (above) – Kyoho grape on a bed of grape granite and sago pearls.

(I) ‘Choconuts tart’ (above) – Tastes & textures. This was so good! Chef Julien Royer even went to the extent of introducing elements of different temperatures! Staff scooped warm chocolate cream onto the cold tart.

(J) Cafe express (above) – Mignardises. Comprised of lollipop which was rosemary-scented ice cream coated with chocolate, coconut marshmallow and canele.

(K) Coffee / tea – I opted for latte.

My girlfriend and I left JAAN feeling very full, but very satisfied and happy! Having tried a few lunch courses at similar fine-dining restaurants, we were surprised at the generous offering of amuse bouche at JAAN.

Food was not only beautiful on plates, but tasted really good too. Great job, head chef Julien Royer! I liked the dramatic entrance of (some of) the dishes with the use of dry ice. Keke. Service was impeccable. Staff were professional with a personal touch. I highly recommend one should dine at JAAN at least once. But set aside at least 2 hours for a comfortably paced meal.

And depending on where one is seated for window table, the view varies between Suntec City and Marina Bay Sands. Of which both are equally great.

2 Stamford Road, Swissotel The Stamford, Equinox Complex, Level 70, Singapore
6837 3322, Website, Facebook
Overall: 9
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon – Sat : 12:00 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 9
Mon – Sat : 19:00 – 22:00 (Dinner)
Value: 9
* Closed on Sun
Service: 9

UPDATE 1: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2016.
UPDATE 2: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2017.

UPDATE 3: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2018.