Dinner @ Wan He Lou

October 26, 2014 in Chinese by thywhaleliciousfay

Continuing on with my hairy crab adventure, my friend and I were off to Wan He Lou. Actually, my friend just wanted Chinese cuisine. And the only few Chinese restaurants that I can remember offhand are those which I’ve shortlisted to try their hairy crab. Haha. =p

And with that, we arrived on a Tuesday evening to a packed restaurant. We noticed most were dining in big groups. And we were lucky to be seated promptly as there happened to be an empty table meant for pairs.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Green dragon vegetable with dried shrimps, $9.90 (small) (above) – With 7 options to choose our vegetables to be done, we went with ‘sambal belacan’. Other ways include ‘sauteed with chopped garlic’, ‘anchovies’, ‘oyster sauce’, ‘preserved beancurd’, ‘spicy bean paste’ and ‘black bean’. This was not too bad. Vegetable was crunchy and refreshing, although it was a little spicy for me. I really can’t take spicy food.

2) Signature chicken, $11.90 (small) (above) – This was not bad. The meat was scarped such that it’s a ball at the end which made eating very satisfying. Imagine being able to take one big mouthful of meat easily. And this actually reminded me of coffee pork ribs. The chicken drumlets were fried such that its exterior was crispy before coating them with the sauce. Very nice.

3) Half shell scallop in garlic sauce, $16 (4 pieces) (above)

4) Hairy crab, $26.90 (above) – There’s a promotion of ‘buy 3 get 1 free’, but we decided to share 1 instead. When we were placing our order, we were given an option of male or female, which we went for the former. And upon served, the staff asked if we needed help which we said yes. And with that, the staff dissected the crab very skillfully for us. Amount of roe was not too bad for its price tag. However, the staff forget to give us our cup of ginger tea till we reminded them.

5) Signature lobster porridge, $39.90 (above) – Lobster porridge being their signature dish, we just had to order this. It’s stated on the menu that this costs from $29.90. And upon placing our order, the staff updated us that it would cost us $39.90 for a portion that’s good for 2. And this certainly did not disappoint. Staff assisted to remove the lobster from the bowl before we helped ourselves to the porridge. And the soup was so good. Rich and flavourful.

I certainly recommend Wan He Lou. With their dishes being very affordable, Wan He Lou makes an ideal venue for big group outings. Service was okie although we had a little difficulty initially in trying to get their attention to place our orders. Parking was not an issue aswe parked at Jalan Besar Plaza, with its car park entrance being just opposite Wan He Lou too. Very convenient with affordable parking charge too. We paid only $1.50 for parking (It’s per entry for Monday to Saturday, after 6pm).

And for those interested in their hairy crabs, Wan He Lou is offering them till end of November 14.

65 Maude Road, Singapore
6294 8057, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sun : 11:00 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 6
Mon – Sun : 17:00 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 7
Service: 7