Dinner @ Alma by Juan Amador [Revisit]

November 26, 2016 in Spanish by thywhaleliciousfay

Was feeling pretty uninspired as to where to go for dinner. And thus, my friend and I decided to head back to an ‘old’ restaurant. Reservation was made 1 day prior to our actual visit. I guess the last minute reservation showed how uninspired I was. Yeps.

Located at Level 1 of Goodwood Park Hotel, we had no trouble parking as (parking) lots were aplenty within the compound. Although it’s noted parking is not complimentary. Parking fee came up to $6. Then again, it might have been. We didn’t think of checking with the staff. And if parking was complimentary for diners, the staff didn’t ask if we needed parking coupon.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) 8 course degustation menu, $178 comprised of:-

(A) Alma snacks (above) – Tomato meringue topped with truffle, fish tartare roll with coriander powder, and blueberry sable.


(B) Amuse bouche (above) – Egg custard with pea espuma and truffle vinaigrette, served with chips.

(C) Potato bread (above) – And within the sack, the 3 pieces of bread were placed on top of warmed pebbles. And I really liked the bread. It wasn’t the typical soft and fluffy bread, but heavier and oiler. Probably because of the addition of potato. When the staff asked if we wanted seconds, I said yes! Had to be fair lah. I wanted 2 pieces too! =p

(D) Foie gras (above) – Terrine beneath a layer of lychee jelly and topped with cauliflower ice cream.

(E) Lamb tartare (above) – Served with goat cheese, tomato chutney and herbs.

(F) Hokkaido scallop (above) – I wasn’t too impressed with the scallops. There was a very strong (weird) smell which I suspected was from the finger root; A medicinal and culinary herb from China and Southeast Asia also known as Chinese ginger.

(G) Crispy tofu (above) – Honestly, when I saw tofu on the menu, I was tempted to ask if I could have it replaced. It’s just me. I am fine with tofu. But if I could, I rather not have it. But luckily I didn’t. Cause it was so good! Went very well with the foie gras sauce.

(H) Kingfish belly (above)

(I) “Ham & cheese sandwich” (above) – And this dish stood out for me. Suckling pig and melted manchego cheese sandwiched between two heavily buttered toast. Further topped with shaved truffle. It was sinfully good.

(J) Australian pork – And what’s on the original menu was miyazaki beef. But we had it changed cause we don’t take beef. Unfortunately, this was a let down for a main; Pork belly with pork stock served with kale and mustard. So while skin was thin and crisp, I was expecting more from a Michelin-starred restaurant. This seemed too… Normal? No, don’t tell me less is more. o_O

(K) Pre-dessert – Caramelised sugar over yogurt and strawberry.


(L) Truffle – Presented as what looked like a mini garden, dessert was dark chocolate and truffle ice creams. The latter was really interesting. I told my friend we had to finish it for all the truffle pieces within. Haha.

(M) Petit four – Sour green apple bon bon, ice cream with honeycomb and gula melaka canele.

Am glad they updated their menu since my last visit. I was very much impressed by the food. Would I recommend Alma by Juan Amador? This time round, a definite yes. And of course… That complimentary glass of champagne (to celebrate their Michelin star) certainly made us happier than we already were with the great food. Keke.

22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel, Level 1, Singapore
6735 9937, Website, Facebook
Overall: 8
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Wed – Fri : 12:00 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 8
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 22:30 (Dinner)
Value: 7
Service: 8
* Closed on Sun

UPDATE 1: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2017.
UPDATE 2: Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star by Michelin Guide Singapore 2018.