Dinner @ Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant

August 6, 2017 in Japanese by thywhaleliciousfay

Wanting my colleagues to enjoy a different dining experience, I suggested Seiwaa; I thought it would be fun to have some do-it-yourselves moments since I had a good time with my family at similar okonomiyaki restaurant. Thus, reservation was made for 8 people on Seiwaa’s website. And because our group was bigger than 4 people, we were allocated to level 2 where tables were longer with a bigger teppanyaki plate.

However, although the table was supposedly longer, it was (still) a little cramped for us. Especially when we got the middle of the 3 tables which were positioned in a line. I would say the restaurant works better for groups no bigger than 6. Knowing that my colleagues don’t eat much, we decided not to go with the buffet menu (pages 1, 2).

And from the menu (pages 1, 2, 3), my colleagues and I ordered:-

1) Aburi mentai scallops, $20 (above) – This was ordered because it looked enticing from the pictures hung on the wall. Unfortunately, the dish of scallops was fully prepared in the kitchen. We thought the scallops would be torched in front of us. And these were so-so since I’m not exactly a fan of mentai (pollock roe mixed in mayonnaise).

2) Gyoza, $5 (above) – Pan fried dumpling.

3) Karaage chicken (6 pcs), $6 (above) – I enjoyed this! Loved how the meat was tender and juicy within.

4) Nagoya chicken wings, $10 (above)

5) Tempura mori, $15 (above) – 3 pieces prawn and 5 pieces vegetables.

6) Whole squid, $18 (above) – If one must really know, we went for second because it went very well with our beer. And it was made more enjoyable because it was deliciously grilled by the staff. My colleagues and I came to realise it’s a hassle to grill our own food on top of drinking. Yes. When I am with my colleagues, I have to turn on my ‘alcoholic’ mode. Keke.

7) Lamb, $12 (above) – Unfortunately, this was to be grilled by ourselves. I think we weren’t too bad although our teppanyaki plate looked pretty pathetic with just 8 pieces of lamb. Keke.

8) Ocean seafood grill set (for 2 persons), $48 (above) – Salmon, squid, prawns, oyster, scallops and vegetables.

9) Buta don, $10 (above) – Grilled pork rice bowl. Give this a miss.


10) Seafood okonomiyaki, $14 (above) – Squid, shrimp. And for the okonomiyaki-s, printout with direction was provided to guide diners in making their own okonomiyaki. However it’s not as easy as it seemed. The very basic would be to mix everything properly to ensure the batter coat the ingredients. If one isn’t confident of flipping it (since the portion was pretty big), one could make 2 okonomiyaki-s instead of 1 from the bowl of mixture. And one shouldn’t attempt in making it too flat.


11) Pork okonomiyaki, $10 (above) – Thankfully, the staff was not busy with the other tables and assisted us with our pork okonomiyaki. The difference is pretty evident from the photographs, eh?

12) Chicken monjayaki, $10 (above) – We added toppings of cheese ($3) and crispy noodles ($2) as recommended by the staff. Again, we were thankful the staff assisted us for this too.


13) Tonpeiyaki, $12 (above) – And this was a dish on the menu that’s cooked by the staff. Wouldn’t dare imagine if we had to pull this off on our own. Haha. And I really liked this. Because it could only feed 4 (since it’s cut into 4 pieces), we order 2 of these. To which my colleagues jokingly exclaimed “Cabbage again!?!” Haha.

14) Yaki udan, $12 (above)

15) Yaki soba, $12 (above)

Despite stumbling our way through having to cook most some of the dishes, my colleagues and I had a good time at Seiwaa. I personally preferred ordering from the a-la carte menu as it allowed us to try more variety. However, the con about the place was the difficulty in finding a parking lot since 1 of my colleagues drove.

72 Dunlop Street, Singapore
6291 6084, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 7
Mon – Sat : 11:00 – 23:00
Ambience: 7
Value: 7
Service: 6
* Closed on Sun