Dinner @ Le Bistrot du Sommelier

July 30, 2012 in French by thywhaleliciousfay

Sometimes, town is still the best place to meet because it’s central and hence more accessible if you are meeting up with friends who work at opposite corners in Singapore. Ha.

Although we made a reservation, there was no empty table for us at the ground level. We were brought to the 2nd storey (bar) where we decided to order appetizers, and of course a bottle of white wine. =p And it’s surprisingly cosy at the upper level.

And from the menu, my girlfriends and I ordered:-

1) Duck Rillette (above)

2) Ibenico Shoulder (above) – We were curious over the difference between the Ibenico Shoulder and Ibenico Ham, to which the waiter went “The Ibenico Shoulder has more omph”. And so we decided to go with it. Ha.

3) Chicken Liver Pate (above)

The duck rillette, ibenico shoulder and chicken liver pate were served together on a wooden tray, with a basket of bread and a small bowl of pickled cucumbers. And allow me to say, these were SO good. Try eating them alone or spread over the bread. The flavours were so rich, yet unique in taste when compared to one another. But if you really need me to choose, I will say the chicken liver pate and ibenico shoulder are must trys!

We spent almost a good one hour in the bar enjoying our appetizers and chatting away. When the waiter came back to take order for our mains, we decided to have our mains at the ground level.

And from the menu, I ordered:-

1) French duck leg confit (Cassoulet style) - I was being a little adventurous by opting for my duck leg confit to be baked in white beans stew. And frankly, I did not really like it though it’s to note that the duck meat was tender and came off easily from the bone.

If it was not because I had to rush off, I would have definitely stayed on to try their desserts. Not everyone may appreciate dining in a dimly lit place, but I thought the upper storey had a better ambience than the ground level which was brightly lit. Ha. I definitely recommend this place for a good catch up over finger food and wine. Second storey, of course. =)

53 Armenian Street, Singapore
6333 1982, Website, Facebook
Overall: 7.5
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 8
Mon – Sat : 12:00 – 14:30 (Lunch)
Ambience: 7
Mon – Sat : 18:00 – 23:00 (Dinner)
Value: 7
* Closed on Sun
Service: 8