Dinner @ Fi53ftyThree // CLOSED

June 20, 2010 in European by thywhaleliciousfay

Met up with my girlfriend for lunch at FiftyThree. Coincidentally, she had been meaning to check out this restaurant too. So, both of us decided to go for their lunch together. =)

And while we were in the midst of studying the menu, we were served these tapioca (I hope I din hear their introduction wrongly! Hee) crisps perched on a charcoal-looking stand. I dont think it’s real charcoal right? *Shrug* But the crisps were nice. Very crispy. Haha!

Contrary to the raves on HungryGoWhere, I did not find the bread special. Instead, I found the sack impressive. Haha. The sack was made of 2 layers such that in between the layers, there were heated pebbles to keep the bread warm! Wow. So yes… We did not enjoy the bread which was hard on the outside, and spongy in the inside. We prefer our bread fluffy. (^^lll)

Our Dish #1: Scallop and Hairy Bittercress, Chicken “Oysters” and Buckwheat

Our Dish #2: Red Gunard and Hazelnut, Beluga Lentils and Smoked Eel

We tasted no smoked eel at all! This dish was a let down. The fish was not fresh such that its texture was slightly rubbery instead. And it’s definitely not because it was over cooked as there were some raw parts in the middle of my fillet. So yah. Sigh.

Overheard the table next to us, who ordered the same main dish, complaining to the staff about the fish’s freshness. They had their main dishes replaced with something else, but my girlfriend and I decided to just let the issue go rather than feedbacking to the staff. But we are certainly not returning to try their dinner menu.

Her Dish #3: Amedei – Chuao, Banana and Malt

My Dish #3: Apple and Rosemary

The presentation for this dish was interesting. After the staff finished introducing the apple risotto to me, he sprayed some lavender (Again, I hope I din remember wrongly. Haha) scent around me before asking me to enjoy. (^^lll) Haha. And be warned! Ginger was used quite a fair bit for this dish.

We finished our lunch at 2.30pm dinner with these complimentary jelly.

53 Armenian Street, Singapore
(65) 63345535

I was pretty disappointed. Was expecting the dishes to be better. Could be a case where I went with too high expectations.
The lady manager attending to us was professional and very attentive. When the menu came apart, she quickly stepped forward, while our glasses were topped up once our water hit mid-level in the cup. In addition, when we did not finish our fish, she came over and asked if there was something wrong (Which we politely said no rather than mentioning the lack of freshness).
I like the interior design which was simple (So that the food would be the main focus) yet warm. Though I have to admit I was surprised to enter a big space only to see two wooden tables big enough to fit 4 people (Along the lengths) each. At the further end was the kitchen where we could see the chefs at work.

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