Brunch @ Stateland Cafe

June 20, 2014 in European (cafe) by thywhaleliciousfay

After an unsuccessful attempt to check out a café in Thomson in the morning with my family, I was determined to check out at least one café for the day. Thankfully, my friend agreed to my spontaneous jio-ing. Haha. And with that, we headed down to Bugis. Parking is always a problem when one attempts to find a lot along the one-way lane. We went around in circles before finding a lot along Arab street.

Upon arrival, I was a little dismayed to see a queue. Well, it’s almost a common sight to see queues outside cafes these days, but because the earlier cafe had me waiting for 1 hour in vain, I was afraid (if not paranoid?) of how long (more) we had to wait.

The café is pretty small at being able to house only 20 people. But thankfully, we were seated within 20 minutes.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Statelander’s big breakfast, $13.90 (above) – Scrambled/omelette/olive oil fried served on toasted brioche along side hoemade tomato chilli jam and stewed mushrooms. We went with scrambled. The presentation is somewhat cute with most of the ingredients stacked up. But really, had I brought my brothers instead, they probably wouldn’t be full. When we say “big breakfast”, we expect hearty portion.

2) Red velvet waffle, $14.90 (above) – The traditional American red velvet cake translated into a waffle. Deep-red waffle flavoured with chocolate, topped with cream cheese glaze and vanilla ice cream. Ordered from the waffle section and it’s stated on the menu that these traditional yeast raised waffles are made from scratch daily. And the waffle was not too bad! I personally feel the waffle machine plays a part in making a good waffle. Like the grid part? Some waffles come across too thin at the grids but this was thick enough for us to bite into the crispy exterior and chew into the fluffy interior. Nice.

3) Peanut butter honey toast, $14.90 (above) – Thick-cut toast baked with honey and salted butter, slathered with peanut butter and topped with Belgium chocolate ice cream and chopped nuts. It’s really a very simple dish, and we were not expecting much. But it’s surprisingly yummy. A little pricey though.

4) Latte, $4.70 (above) – Too much milk used.

Overall, it was not too bad. However, I would not travel all the way down to Bugis for waffle and toast. The cafe is pretty small too which does not make it an ideal place to catch up with friends. Ie, hog a table. Do take note that most of their tables are catered for couples. Yes, it’s more convenient to come in pairs. Any group bigger than 4, and one will have to wait for them to join 3 tables (which I am sure it will be a long wait) or wait for the one and only long table that’s directly in front of the cashier.

At the time of my visit, they were only accepting cash payment!

30 Bali Lane, Singapore
9296 4997, Facebook
Overall: 6
Opening hours:-
Food/Beverage: 6
Mon, Wed – Thur : 12:00 – 10:00
Ambience: 6
Fri – Sat : 12:00 – 00:00
Value: 6
Sun : 12:00 – 22:00
Service: 5
* Closed on Tues

UPDATE: Cafe has moved to 32 Bali Lane.